Tom Selleck’s daughter is all grown up, but she’s not following in her father’s footsteps

Oct 03, 2018
06:22 A.M.
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Tom Selleck’s beautiful daughter, Hannah, opened up about why she followed a career path much different from that of her famous father.


Today she is a 29-year-old equestrian, who has her own horse breeding stable, but her journey as a professional horseback rider began long ago when she was only four years old, as reported by Do You Remember.

Tom and Jillie Mack gave birth to Hannah in December 1988 only after a year of their marriage. Immediately after her birth, Tom was determined to give his daughter a normal outdoor environment where she could grow.

So the family moved to a 65-acre ranch in California following Hannah’s birth. The actor also prioritized family life over his career and took less Hollywood projects during this period.


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It was while growing up in the family ranch where Hannah was first exposed to horses and where she started riding horses for the very first time.


She told The Hollywood Reporter during a 2015 interview, “I loved being around the animals, and as a kid, taking care of different ponies and hanging out at the barn all day.”

She further explained that she began developing the love for the competition itself when she “progressed” in the sport.


Eventually, she started to get serious about horseback riding and was determined to turn it into a professional career by the time she was 14.

So when she graduated from college, it was exactly what she started pursuing. She not only began participating in important competitions but also opened her own boutique horse breeding stable.


Being an equestrian has been the sole focus of Hannah’s life. She took up a few modeling projects over the years, but it never culminated into anything serious.

Tom is one of the most popular actors of Hollywood who is loved for his famous role in the hit television series, “Magnum P.I.”

Recently, the actor made headlines over speculation regarding whether or not he is set to appear in the much-talked-about reboot of the series.


However, the star’s name has not been involved with the new series officially yet and there is also no mention of him in the IMDb page of the series’ reboot.

Back in 2015, Tom showed his humble side by making a down-to-earth confession about whom he credited his success to.

In the interview, the star explained that all the achievements came his way because of God and he has become increasingly thankful for the divine presence.