Army veteran reduced to tears by incredible act of kindness

The army veteran thought he was just going to receive some painting tools and broke down in tears when he found out that he was given a car.

In the viral Facebook video, Walter Stoller had to sit down when he learned about his life-changing surprise.

A page called TLS Veterans shared the special moment when one of their employees, Ryan Jacobsen – a retired navy vet – gave Stoller the car keys to his new car.

The video, which touched the hearts of many, already received thousands of views after it was uploaded about a week ago on social media.

Source: Facebook/ TLS Veterans

Source: Facebook/ TLS Veterans

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The non-profit organization has always aimed to assist the country’s veterans in need.

At the time, Stoller thought the organization traveled from their office in McHenry to his home in Rockford to give him some canvases which he needed to do his painting.

Source: Facebook/ TLS Veterans

Source: Facebook/ TLS Veterans

He was stunned when Jacobsen opened up the back of a car, showed him the things he needed, and suddenly handed him the car keys.

When he realized that he just received a car, he felt emotional and had to sit down since he was overwhelmed with gratefulness.

Laura Franz, LCSW, the executive director of TLS Veterans said, “It really is wonderful. No one expects to be gifted a car, especially when you’ve been homeless with nothing.”

Source: Facebook/ TLS Veterans

Source: Facebook/ TLS Veterans

Stoller and another veteran were homeless back then, and it was through Jacobsen - the organization’s case manager - that they found help and now reside at a house they share in Rockford.

From time to time, Jacobsen still checks on the two veterans. He and the organization soon found out that Stoller was having trouble with transportation.

They partnered up with RYCO Landscaping, a company which agreed to donate the vehicle.

TLS Veterans captured the special moment and posted the video on their page, saying, “Today we got to surprise an Army Veteran with a car donated by RYCO Landscaping! He thought we were delivering some canvas for him to do his painting. His reaction is priceless!”

Meanwhile, Eddie Browning – a Navy veteran – and his wife were once homeless, and they struggled with sleeping outside in the freezing night.

Luckily, a group of students got together to build a tiny home for the couple.

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