Adorable baby gives a spectacular performance of a popular song and it's amazing

A toddler is winning hearts from all around the globe since her adorable performance of "H.O.L.Y" went viral two years ago. 

The clip, originally shared to Facebook, gained more than 22 million views, 341,000 reactions, 441,000 shares, and nearly 70,000 comments. The caption read: "We woke up feeling this good this morning!

We know the feeling and sometimes it just cannot be helped: it's hard to keep one's composure when your favorite song starts to play, even for us grownups. As soon as "H.O.L.Y" began playing, the toddler just couldn't control herself anymore. 

Based on her facial expression alone, it was clear that she was enjoying every second of. Her enthusiasm is contagious and netizens said in the comment section that they couldn't help but sing along with the glorious tot. 

But before we share the adorable footage, have you seen the video of the baby girl having a salon talk while brushing her mother's hair? 

We can't say for certain, but little Jayde might just have a hair stylist career ahead of her, judging by the "salon conversation" she engages in while pampering her mother, Kerry Robinson. The proud mother recording the Jayde and shared the videos on social, where it soon went viral. 

While styling her mother's hair, she would say phrases like "he crazy" and "he tripping, right," while her mother was trying very hard to remain composed. Robinson later explained that Jayde's father never indulged in baby talk with her and always talked to her "like she's an adult." Her mother added: 

"She's really verbal, so she retains everything we say and repeats it back to us. You have to be super careful about what you say around her because she remembers everything."

When Robinson told her daughter that one of her videos had been viewed more than 15 million times, the adorable tot pipep up: "I'm famous!"

Here are both videos. Which one do you like the most? 



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