Grieving mother speaks out about the truth behind her daughter's death

Oct 01, 2018
02:49 P.M.
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A grieving mother shared the story of how she suddenly lost her daughter to an undiagnosed Type 1 diabetes.


Hoping to save many children’s lives, Sierra Greenlee took to Facebook to tell the tragic story of her three-year-old daughter, Arya’s unexpected death in March 2018.

Greenlee shared that she had just gotten off work when she came to pick her daughter up from the babysitter.

Arya was sound asleep at the time. It was early in the morning, and the babysitter was carrying the young child towards the car.


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The moment Greenlee touched her daughter’s chest, she knew something was up. There was no movement.

Following her instincts, Greenlee took Arya back inside the house, and she began performing CPR as paramedics were on their way.


The following hour was intense, and it was the worst one for the desperate mother.

Greenlee recalled, “For the next hour while they tried desperately to bring me back my baby I called my parents and her dad, I paced, I cried, I prayed.”

Eventually, Arya was rushed to the hospital and doctors finally confirmed that Arya was gone.

Almost two hours later, Greenlee was informed that Arya had undiagnosed Type 1 Diabetes, which ultimately led to her passing.


As the mother explained, the illness is typically not tested on young children unless the family may have a history of diabetes.

The symptoms of diabetes include frequent drinking and urinating, which are both very common to occur for toddlers.

As for Arya, nobody ever suspected that something was wrong with her.


In the end, Greenlee urged other parents to have their children tested.

She said, “So I beg you to ask your child’s doctor to test for it. I beg you to become aware of the signs and symptoms of childhood Diabetes.”

“I beg you to share this post and story with everyone because no parent should ever have to hear the words “I’m sorry but unfortunately she did not survive,” added Greenlee.

Hopefully, as her post is continuously being shared online, more parents will become knowledgeable with the illness and would make the necessary steps to prevent it.

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