The Queen feeds her darling horses by hand in Scotland

The Queen was recently photographed feeding her horses herself in Scotland.

Over the weekend, Queen Elizabeth II was spotted being hands-on and checking in on her beloved horses at Balmoral.

Dressed discretely in a coat, headscarf, and sunglasses, the 92-year-old monarch almost went unnoticed by the paparazzi as she was driving back to her Scottish home.

Driving in her Range Rover, the Queen decided to stop by and visit her animals.

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Her Majesty was taking a stroll towards the barn with friends when she was photographed, as revealed by Hello! Magazine.

In one of the photos shared by the media outlet, the Queen can be seen feeding one of the stallions some mints, which she took out of her pocket.

Earlier in the day, Her Majesty was in a shoot and had lunch with her friends at the Glen Clova Hotel, which is about a two-hour drive away from the Balmoral Castle.

The Queen’s husband, 97-year-old Prince Philip, was also spotted driving around the property on the same day.

The royal couple had been enjoying the rest of their summer break in Scotland before they come back to London and Windsor in the next few days.

Source: YouTube/ Breaking News 2018

Source: YouTube/ Breaking News 2018

Throughout the summer, Her Majesty had been busy with several royal engagements. One of them was attending the traditional Braemar Highland Gathering alongside her children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne.

A few members of the royal family also came to Scotland to visit the couple. A few of them were her granddaughter-in-law Kate Middleton, her daughter-in-law Sophie, and her granddaughter Princess Beatrice.

The Queen first arrived at Balmoral in the first week of August and is scheduled to return to London in the coming days since her next royal engagement is on October 17, as revealed on the royal family’s official website.

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth II has been ruling the United Kingdom for over 60 years. Although, not a lot of people know that she also ruled another country in the past.

Her Majesty was Queen of the West African country, Sierra Leone, from 1961 up until 1971, at the time when the nation was part of the Commonwealth.

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