Cat named Thorin goes viral for his super long tongue

This striking rag-doll cat is beautiful no doubt but known for another reason, his long tongue.

Striking blue eyes with fading patterns and the long tongue strikes you immediately about this big fluffy cat. Named Thorin, after the king of dwarves in the Hobbit films he fits the character.

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Thorin is one of a cheeky double, Tyrion is dwarf looking more like an owl than a cat, with striking features of her own, and a long tongue too.

Born on 16 February 2015 in Brandenburg, Germany they have stunned fans with their unique looks since with both having tongues almost as long as their heads.

Photogenic Thorin especially enjoys sticking his tongue out while being photographed and has many social media profiles to keep the fans updated on him and his sister’s latest photos and information.

Unusual qualities can make these cats beautiful standing out from the rest. Another cat that fits the bill has a uniqueness of a different variety. Narnia is a ‘chimera’ with one side of his face gray, and the other black vertically split down the middle with blue eyes.

Seeing the tongues of Thorin and Tyrion can make one wonder what we know about a cat’s tongue. Their tongues feel different to those of other animals which leads to a whole other set of questions, however, their tongues have unique qualities and important functions.

For one, it’s essential for their health, it keeps cats clean and regulates their body temperature, their tongues also go against the law of gravity when they drink, the tip touches the water and darts back up into its mouth, creating a stream of water behind it. The color of the tongue can even tell us if a cat is getting enough oxygen. The vet will also check a cat’s tongue carefully as cats are prone in getting tongue cancer.

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