Ray J and Princess Love's daughter Melody melts hearts with her cute curls & pink outfit in pic

Princess Love, the wife of singer and actor Ray J, took to Instagram to share a photo of the couple’s four-month-old daughter, Melody, posing in the most adorable way.

In the image, the baby appeared wearing pink pajamas with tiny bears on it. Apart from that, she put on a beautiful bow with the same design. Even if her clothes attracted a lot of attention, her curly hair and the lovely way she was looking at the camera the highlight of the photo.

For the caption, Princess wrote, “My chunk chunk,” followed by a bear and a heart emoji. As soon as she uploaded that picture, her followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts.


One of them was Instagram user @queen.e.beauty, who pointed out that Melody was as cute as the teddy on her outfit. She added that the baby was probably saying full sentences at the moment, and finished by blessing her.


As Celebrity Insider reported, Melody has proven to be a very smart baby at a very early age due to her stunning communication skills. When the girl was only two months old, she said her first words: “I love you.”

A couple of days after that, Princess uploaded a short video showing that she was already teaching Melody to say the alphabet with the classic lullaby-like song.


The baby was trying to copy what her mother sang, and even repeated a couple of them. Some of Princess’ followers pointed out that Melody said O, T, U, and V, which is more than what most babies her age could.

Saying “I love you” and a couple of letters of the alphabet is not the only milestone Melody has accomplished as she recently appeared on TV for the first time.


Ray J and Princess took their daughter to “The Real.” They were there to promote and discuss "Labor of Love," a new special which will soon air weekly. However, everyone had their eyes locked on baby Melody – even the hosts.


During the conversation, Ray J revealed that his music changed after the baby was born. He admitted that he “cleaned up” the “crazy, nasty” songs that he had done.

“Sometimes, as an artist, it’s tough ‘cause you wanna continue your creative flow, and sometimes when you write, and you take yourself out of the character, and now you’re someone else,” shared Ray J.

Princess and Ray J are doing their best to raise Melody in the most successful way. The baby has a bright future ahead.

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