The hidden dangers of feeding hot dogs to your kids

Rebelander Basilan
Oct 16, 2018
08:34 A.M.
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Doctors are stepping in with an urgent warning about hot dogs - and here's the reason why.


The hot dog is one such cherished staple in numerous homes across America. However, according to doctors, this food isn't the most healthfully sound choice out there.

As reported by The Hearty Soul, since the 1970s, many studies have shown that consuming hot dogs can severely damage your health and increase your risk of cancer. The root of this claim has to do with nitrosamines.

Nitrosamines are chemical compounds, a large portion of which are cancer-causing. Follow us on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa, to learn more.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik



In a study that came out in Nature paper in January 1970, scientists William Lijinsky and Samuel Epstein stated that “human cancer might be caused by nitrosamines formed in the body from ingested nitrites.”

This research helped set the phase for different studies about processed meat and cancer.

The scientists examined 155 cases of kids, aged six and below, who were diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik


After analyzing, they discovered a pattern between moms who ate cancer-linked preserved meats and youngsters who developed the most widely recognized childhood brain tumor, astrocytic glioma.

A comparable study demonstrates that broiled and processed meat consumption amid pregnancy was connected to childhood cancer.

Source: YouTube/NutritionFacts.org

Source: YouTube/NutritionFacts.org


Looking at 234 cancer cases, the researchers discovered an association between mothers who ate 1+ hamburgers or hot dogs a week and higher risks of childhood leukemia and brain tumors.

Another study from Cancer Causes & Control found that kids who consumed 12 hot dogs or more for each month had nine times the risk of getting cancer.


Eating hot dogs regularly not only increase your child’s risk for cancer but parents who also do this before conception can also expand the cancer risk for their unborn kids.


The proof didn't stop there. The 2009 study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology also reinforced the meat and cancer connection.


According to the population-based case-control study, out of 145 acute leukemia cases, researchers found that kids consuming cured/smoked meat and fish more than once a week had a higher risk of getting cancer.


Meanwhile, the video below shows how precisely hot dogs come to be.

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