Devastated parents adopt baby in need after their newborn son passes away at hospital

Oct 12, 2018
11:22 A.M.
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Katie and Josh Butler were devastated when their newborn baby passed away at the hospital. Later on, they found themselves adopting another baby in need.


The couple from Nashville, Tennessee went through so much with their son named Dewey. Before he was born, Katie and Josh found out during a routine checkup that there was a problem.

Dewey’s health was at risk, as confirmed through an ultrasound. He was not developing properly.

Katie and Josh knew that they had to provide baby Dewey with extra care to save his life.


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When Dewey was born, he was immediately rushed to the NICU where doctors did everything to make him healthier.

He had a routine operation to give him a feeding tube 132 days later, but unfortunately, he didn’t make it.

The couple was devastated and tried their hardest to deal with the loss. Losing their firstborn was very hard for both of them, especially since they dreamed of building a family together for so long.


One day, things changed for Katie and Josh when they received a call from a nurse at the NICU, who grew close to them.

The nurse recalled that the couple was talking about fostering children and coincidentally, a baby boy named Brax was a patient in the hospital. He was an orphan.


Brax was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension, tracheomalacia, and chronic respiratory failure. He spent 11 months in the hospital and was attached to a trach-vent the entire time.

Sadly, he was abandoned by his parents because they couldn’t take care of him. Still, the doctors did not lose hope and continued to treat him.


When Katie and Josh learned about Brax, something just clicked for the both of them. They knew deep inside that they had to take care of the child and treat him as their own. Soon enough, the couple adopted Brax.

They took him in, and because of the love and care they gave Brax, his condition improved significantly. He was getting better.

In September 2017, Katie and Josh officially adopted Brax. Even though they still miss Dewey, they were glad to have welcomed Brax in their lives.


Meanwhile, in Canada, a couple adopted a little girl from Romania since they could not conceive their own child. Later on, they found out that the girl was facing serious health problems.

To help get better treatment, the couple researched about the little girl’s history, and they soon found out that she had an older sister that was also put up for adoption.

They located the other sister and decided to adopt her, as well. Now, they are a happy family of four.