Elderly man was abandoned by family on his birthday, so he made an announcement to strangers

Junie Sihlangu
Oct 12, 2018
10:13 A.M.
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In Boca del Rio, Mexico, an unnamed man was seen setting up for his own birthday celebration in a local restaurant. Other patrons were keen to see how the party would turn out.


The man was decorating tables with streamers and birthday hats. However, as he waited a phone call came through and the man’s mood completely changed.

A 61-year-old man in Mexico had other guests looking around curiously as he set up a series of tables. He was pictured hanging streamers on chairs and laying down a number of birthday hats.

The whole set up was intended for his children and grandchildren. However, the man's cell phone began to ring and he was seen reading the messages he had received.

Source: Freepik.com


For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. Suddenly, both his face and demeanor changed.

It was clear to the restaurant's patrons that he’d received bad news. Finding strength and with hope, the man got up to address his fellow customers.


He emotionally said:

"Please excuse me, but can I have your attention? Today is my birthday, I'm turning 61 years old and I wanted to celebrate with my family. I've been waiting for my children and grandchildren, but nobody has come."

He was clearly hurt as he carried on speaking saying:

"Anyone who wants to can come sit with me and celebrate my birthday. I would also be forever grateful for a little birthday song.”


Without much hesitation, many people in the restaurant got up and went to join him. Some of them wore the party hats and the man was given a birthday cake and his birthday song.

His story went viral on social media and he was given a birthday that he will never forget. In images, he could be seen smiling as he enjoyed his special day with the caring customers.


On October 23, 2016, Mahlon, then-9, was celebrating his birthday. It had been a big year for him because in July his family moved from Portland to Bend, Oregon.


He was also started attending public school after being homeschooled his entire life. This was exciting for him because it meant he would have friends to invite for his birthday.


However, on the day no one came to his “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” theme birthday and the child was devastated. His mother, Kristen Layne, took to her blog to share their story.

Her blog went viral and even though Mahlon never got the birthday he wanted he did receive messages and gifts from other parents who read his story. Best of all he got a birthday Facetime call with Jeff Kinney, the author of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.”

The author also sent him an autographed copy of his yet-to-be-released book.