October 12, 2018

Guy shared striking photos of 'Domino Pizza' kitchen's lowdown that caused noise via Internet

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On Tuesday, a former Domino Pizza employee, Isaac Wilson, posted shocking pictures of the restaurants Lismore branch. The images showed how unhygienic and unhealthy the store was kept.  

The former employee posted the images on a Facebook group. The store was temporarily closed as an investigation ensued.

Isaac Wilson’s images showed piles of dirty dishes, mouldy cheese, pale prawns sitting in water, a mop sitting in filthy water, and gray meat. The images were taken at Domino’s Lismore in northern New South Wales.

Wilson captioned his post:

“Hey ladies and gents, so I feel that you all deserve to know how your food is stored and kept in the Lismore Domino's store.”



For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. On Wednesday, the restaurant called in its training and food and safety team to assess and audit the facility.

The store was then closed down temporarily for an unspecified time while the matter was investigated. An independent auditor was also brought in.


A Domino's spokesperson said the store would remain closed until the company was satisfied that it met its strict food safety and hygiene standards. 

They said:

“We take matters relating to food safety and hygiene extremely seriously at Domino's and have strict standards in place to ensure these protocols are adhered to.” 


Their statement continued:

“We are investigating this matter as a priority and have temporarily closed the store while we work to ensure that Domino's Lismore meets these standards.”

The pizza giant also insisted that this was an isolated incident at the one store. They claimed that the neighboring Domino's locations such as Goonellabah were not involved.

In Cambridge, England, a woman named Isabella Ritchie took to Twitter with a video showing what she said were live maggots in a ketchup dispenser at a McDonald’s.

McDonald's UK apologized to Ritchie about the incident and contacted her directly.