Prince Charles has made a remarkable announcement before his 70th birthday

Prince Charles is taking on a role that might surprise the public considering his age. He's proving that he's still got his creative writing abilities.

The 69-year-old prince will guest edit on a special edition of "Country Life" magazine. According to Hello Magazine, its publication will come on a unique date.

The magazine featuring Charles' work will be released on November 14. That is the same day he turns 70.

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A bonus surprise for royal fans will be the work of Charles' wife Camilla. She will also write a piece for the magazine.

The Duchess of Cornwall has already done work showing support for the Medical Detection Dogs charity.

In a similar light, the Prince of Wales will express his love of countryside life. He will also showcase two of his favorite outfits for the feature.

According to "Country Life's" managing and features editor, Paula Lester:

"It really is him doing it. It comes from his heart and shows what a passionate champion of the countryside he is and this really shines through in the pages."

Charles' past writing in the same magazine is reassurance enough. In 2013, he celebrated his 65-year birthday landmark by doing an editorial piece for them.

Thereafter he wrote for the publication every year in celebration of his birthday.

Besides showing off his writing skills, the prince will be traveling with his wife for his birthday.

He and his wife are set to do a nine-day tour in Africa. On November 6, they will represent the UK government as they "help promote British investment in youth, jobs and equal opportunities in Nigeria."

Paul Arkwright, the British High Commissioner, remarked: "The historic links between the Royal family and Nigeria is something we can all celebrate."

Something else the prince can celebrate is that he has more grandchildren to come.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made the announcement last weekend at the start of their Down Under tour.

Charles tested a malt at Scotland's whiskey distillery Royal Lochnagar on Tuesday. There, someone asked if he'd already toasted to the big news. He responded: 

"Oh yes, absolutely. Several times."

Markle is already 12 weeks along. She and husband Harry received a couple baby gifts during their 16-day tour in Australia.

Charles gave a memorable speech during the pair's wedding back in May.

He expressed how proud he was of his son Harry. He also reminisced about changing "darling old Harry's" diapers and feeding him.

Source: Getty Images

Source: Getty Images

Charles also expressed his appreciation of Markle who asked him to walk her down the aisle.

Markle and her father-in-law seem to be getting along just fine. And like Charles, the new royal has done her own bit of writing.

The Duchess released a cookbook called "Together: Our Community Cookbook" last month. It is already a bestseller on Amazon.

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