85-year-old grandpa became a Facebook star with nearly 2 million fans for his adorable videos

Joe Mack Roy is a grandfather who was born in Louisiana in 1933. He has become an internet sensation for just being himself.

Everyone calls him “Pop” and he has more than 1.9 million fans on Facebook. His oldest grandson, Jason Roy, is the one who records and posts his grandfather’s antics online.

Joe “Pop” Mack Roy, 85, and his wife Maria Rosado, 83, live near Longview. They’ve found social media fame because of the antics that Joe gets up to.

It all started when their oldest grandson Jason Roy began posting videos to his personal page and realized people enjoyed them. Jason lives across the street from his grandparents and often takes Joe along when he travels for his job.

For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. He said:

“It’s just one of those things I created because Pop says some funny things that remind everyone of their grandparents or parents depending on your age and I just decided I wanted to make a Facebook page.”

“Pop Watch” was created in June 2017. On Tuesday Joe was Jason’s passenger for a road trip to Central Texas. There Jason was supposed to make an Adidas equipment delivery to the women’s high school basketball team in Robinson.

He recorded their ride and conversation. They were heard discussing where to stop for lunch before deciding on George’s Restaurant & Bar.

Jason shared this about the restaurant visit:

“Everybody told me ‘you have to go to George’s.’ They said hands down it’s a great atmosphere. When I got there, right when I walked in, people knew who Pop was. We didn’t sit down for 5 minutes before people started taking pictures with him and I thought that was pretty cool.”

A fan who happens to be the owner of “Move Waco,” a local moving company, saw the post of Joe at George’s and offered to pay the tab. The whole incident left Jason “shocked.”

Joe’s fans have even started making t-shirts with some of his famous quotes. There are t-shirts with quotes such as, "Get back inside, Mary!", "I've got to do everything!" and "You've got sense, you better use it!"

In another story where a grandmother was celebrated a woman named Mary Johnson was given a consultation with stylist Christopher Hopkins, "The Makeover Guy," by her thoughtful granddaughter. She had been feeling down because of losing family members and friends the year before.

Johnson also felt that she was just not pretty. Hopkins gave her a makeover after hearing about her story and the look on her granddaughters face after the transformation at the salon showed how change could make the world of difference in a person’s life.

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