Guy claims he found a slug inside a burrito bowl

On Saturday, Facebook user Adrian Day went to Guzman Y Gomez in Newtown, south-west of Sydney's CBD, for a chicken burrito bowl. Just as he was about to eat, he found something that shouldn’t be part of the meal.

The unsuspecting customer found a dead black slug in-between his food. He contacted the store and also took to Facebook with the evidence of his find.

Adrian Day’s chicken burrito bowl had the slug nestled between the chicken, lettuce, rice, beans, tomatoes, Jalapeños, and sour cream. On the Facebook page, “Newtown 2042,” he posted three images of the contaminated meal and wrote:

"No! We literally just pulled a dead slug out of a burrito bowl. Slugs are toxic!"

For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. Day also complained to the store’s manager who notified him that they would complete a full audit to make sure future customers were not in danger of being infected.

He proved that he was taking it all in his stride as he also wrote on the group:

“We all agree that it probably had something to do with the recent rain and sudden warmth.”

Slugs can get rat lungworm by eating the feces of rats carrying the parasite. Rat lungworm can cause irreversible illnesses including paralysis.

Eating an infected slug can cause an infection of the brain called eosinophilic meningoencephalitis. In one such case in 2010, Sam Ballard, then-18, ate a garden slug as part of a dare.

He ended up in a coma for 446 days and, ultimately, he became wheelchair bound. Now at age 28 he suffers from seizures, can’t control his body temperature, and needs around the clock care. 

In a similar story, Isabella Ritchie went to a McDonald’s in Cambridge, London to buy food but came across something really gross. She filmed what she claimed were maggots in the ketchup dispenser.

Ritche posted the video on Twitter after complaining to the staff that ignored her. McDonald's UK caught wind of the post, apologized to the customer, and promised to launch an investigation.

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