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Dad Discovers His Son's Being Bullied, Spends a Day with His Bully and Buys Him New Clothes

Ayesha Muhammad
Feb 21, 2022
03:22 P.M.

When a father found out his son was bullied at school every day, he got furious as most parents would. When he went to school to investigate the situation, he decided to take matters into his own hands. What he did next was incredibly unique.


Being concerned for one's child comes naturally to parents. No mother or father would want to see their kids in trouble, and many would try to remedy the problem immediately.

Aubrey Fontenot faced a similar scenario with his little boy. Unbeknownst to him, the situation was a lot more complex than it seemed.

[From left to right] Tamarion, Jordon, and Fontenot. | Source: twitter.com/48hours

[From left to right] Tamarion, Jordon, and Fontenot. | Source: twitter.com/48hours


Like any father, Fontenot was attached to his eight-year-old son, Jordon, and wanted the best for him. So, when he discovered that his little boy was being bullied at school, he thought it was time to see things through.

Fontenot was not only concerned but also angry when the bullying aggravated. According to Jordon's progress reports, he and another boy named Tamarion had an ongoing situation. The two children almost always had some issues.


The Houston-based father decided to ask his son what it was all about. Jordon told his dad that 11-year-old Tamarion messed with him regularly and was sometimes too rough on him. Fontenot realized it was time to visit his son's school.


Jordon's principal and other school staff assured Fontenot that they would take care of the situation. However, a week passed, and another incident occurred where Jordon's phone went missing. Apparently, the same boy, Tamarion, was involved.



When Fontenot went to Jordon's school to speak with the principal and a cop, he discovered something extremely shocking "They insinuated he was homeless. I was like 'Oh okay, I didn't realize that, wow that makes a lot of sense,'" recalled Fontenot.

The doting dad noted that the children loved spending time together and even shared pictures showing the youngsters playing video games.

After conversing with Tamarion's mother, Fontenot realized that the young boy was experiencing homelessness and challenging times. With his mother's permission, Fontenot decided to talk directly to Tamarion.



Contrary to his initial concern and anger, Fontenot deeply felt for Tamarion. Resultantly, Tamarion confided in Fontenot and told him he was envious of Jordon, and the reason behind his jealousy was the 8-year-old boy's clean clothing.

"He said he was getting made fun of by the other kids. They said his shoes were cheap and his clothes were dirty," recounted Fontenot. Instead of reprimanding Tamarion and adding to his problems, Fontenot decided to choose a different approach.



On October 16, 2018, Tamarion was suspended for taking Jordon's phone. Interestingly, he served his suspension in a way nobody saw coming. The youngster spent the day shopping with Fontenot, who bought him brand-new clothes.

"I talked to him about morals and principles and having self-respect. He's not much of a talker, but I got him to open up," shared Fontenot. The Houston-area man even shared a short clip on Twitter, urging a shy Tamarion to sing along with him in the car.



Fontenot also explained to Tamarion that everyone made mistakes in life, and his situation didn't make him a terrible person. At the same time, he ensured there were no hard feelings between Tamarion and Jordon.

Thanks to his efforts, the kids sat down at the same table and talked. It took them a while to converse openly, but Jordon and Tamarion became great friends and brothers over time. Fontenot was relieved his mentoring placed the children on the right track.


"I told my son that if you put good things out in the world, good things will come back to you," added Fontenot. In addition to boosting Tamarion's confidence and ensuring the boys became friends and brothers for life, Fontenot did another remarkable thing.

He started a GoFundMe fundraiser to help Tamarion and his family get back on their feet. Through his kind and empathetic heart, Fontenot became a fantastic role model for Jordon and Tamarion.



The doting dad noted that the children loved spending time together and even shared pictures showing the youngsters playing video games. Most importantly, how Fontenot handled the complicated situation shows his fantastic personality.

Not everyone is strong enough to keep their head high despite the vile and repulsive comments they receive from people. For Fontenot, maturely handling things seemed logical since he was an adult. But the same is not always true for young kids.

12-year-old Sinead Zalick in hospital during her chemotherapy. | Source: facebook.com/plymouthlive

12-year-old Sinead Zalick in hospital during her chemotherapy. | Source: facebook.com/plymouthlive

However, like Fontenot, a young girl battling cancer opted for a different approach to tackle a group of girls making fun of her appearance. You can read the full story here.

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