Perfect singers Andrea Bocelli & Ed Sheeran sing their 'Perfect' song live - guess how it sounds

The two iconic singers took the stage as Andrea Bocelli made an appearance at Ed Sheeran’s tour on June 14, 2018, singing the Italian version of Sheeran’s song, “Perfect.”

Sheeran and Bocelli proved that a modern pop artist and a classical singer could do collaborations together and come up with a masterpiece.

Captivating the hearts of thousands of fans, the duo sang the song live for the first time at the Wembley Stadium in London.

Released on December 15, 2017, the Italian version of “Perfect” was called “Perfect Symphony.” When Sheeran released the music video of the song, it took the highest spot on the trending list on that day.

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Right before Sheeran introduced Bocelli on stage, he first spoke about the “cool experiences” he has had in his life. Obviously, having a collaboration with one of the best opera singers in the world counted as one of those cool experiences.

“This moment I never expected, especially at Wembley, and I’m so honored that he’s here tonight,” Sheeran said.

During their duet, Sheeran sang the first verse and chorus in English. After that, Bocelli started singing in Italian, and during some parts of the song, Sheeran would sing with him.

Following their performance, the duet partners shared a hug.

“Well, that doesn’t happen every day. Thank you very much Wembley, and thank you very much, Andrea,” Sheeran exclaimed as Bocelli was making his way toward the backstage.

Sheeran and Bocelli’s special performance followed the opera singer’s big win as he bagged the Icon Award at the Classic BRITs.

As for recent updates about Bocelli, he is expected to release his new album “Si” on October 26, 2018, which is his first album after 14 years.

During a press release about the album, it was said that “Si” is about appreciating the simpler things in life in connection to love, faith, family.

Meanwhile, on the subject of Bocelli’s duet partners, he also had an epic collaboration with pop sensation, Ariana Grande in 2015.

Entitled “E Più Ti Penso,” the song and its music video were well-received by millions of fans all over the world.

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