Largest 'Mega Millions' jackpot in history's lucky numbers revealed

The Mega Millions lucky numbers are out and everyone is rushing to see whether they were able to win the fantastic prize of $1.6 billion.

The most recent drawing was made on Tuesday night, October 23, 2018, and the record-breaking jackpot was on every gambler's mind.

As reported by CBS News, the numbers drawn were 5, 28, 62, 65, 79 and Mega Ball 5, a unique combination needed to unlock the grand prize.

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So far, no one has stepped forward and claimed the estimated cash value of the jackpot, which is around $913 million, but there is still time.

However, if there is a winner, he or she must claim it before Friday's drawing,  otherwise, there will be a new estimated jackpot record of $2 billion.


According to Mega Millions host, John Crown, winning a million dollars is already 'life-changing, but a billion dollars is extraordinary.'

It is pretty safe to say that no one disagrees with that statement considering the increasing search for lottery tickets. Lottery officials believe to have sold 75 percent of them by Tuesday's evening.


So far, the biggest jackpot ever won was $543 million, scored by a group of office workers from California who chose the winning combination together.

But hitting the nail right on the head is incredibly difficult since the odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 302.5 million when it comes to Mega Millions and 1 in 292.2 for Powerball.


One must be extremely lucky in order to achieve a perfect score, just like Ronnie Martin did after using the same numbers suggested by a fortune cookie that he had bought years ago.

Source: Getty Images

Source: Getty Images

Ronnie, from Long Pond, Pennsylvania, almost didn't believe the gas station clerk when he told him that he had been able to snag the first prize - one million dollars. 

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