Prince Harry comforts military widow who climbed bridge for the Invictus Games

After raising the Invictus Games flag on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Prince Harry comforted a former serviceman's widow who accompanied him during the climb. 

Gwen Cherne, 41, was one of the select people who was chosen to scale the bridge with Prince Harry, and he made sure to listen to her story of her late husband, Australian Special Forces officer Peter J. Cafe, who passed away due to suicide in February 2017. He was 48-year-old.

Gwen and Prince Harry spoke for almost 10 minutes during their descent from the bridge, and he asked about her children, Emily, 6, Lachlan, 3, and her stepson Tom, 19. During those 10 minutes, the Cleveland, Ohio native shared what she spoke about during her conversation with Prince Harry:

“Lachlan is the spitting image of my husband. Harry said something like the children must remind you of him, or live on in him. And I said my son is so much like him. It was comfortable and thoughtful."

It made it all the more worthwhile for Cherne, who said that Harry was empathetic given his own experience of grief and loss when he was only 12-years-old when he lost his mother, Princess Diana. 

“He understood what I meant. When you understand loss, I think it’s obvious. He did ask me if I was getting the support I need from the Defense and ex-servicemen and veteran community.” 

Harry is touring Australia, New Zealand, and its neighboring countries with his pregnant wife Meghan Markle who was recently accused of faking her way through the trip due to her "acting skills". Nonetheless, she has been staying by Prince Harry's side throughout the trip, making sure to be careful with the things she does due to her early-stage pregnancy. 

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