Woman leaves her kids to go look for her husband in the US but discovers that he's no longer alone

A Mexican woman decided to leave her children in her country and go to the United States to check on her husband after he stopped answering her calls. Her life changed completely when she discovered the truth about his absence.

Source: Youtube/Primer Impacto

Source: Youtube/Primer Impacto

Elizabeth, a land worker, is a mother of four that had to make some sacrifices after the father of the kids stopped answering their calls and sending money to support their children. Suspecting the worst, she decided to go after her husband in the U.S, only to receive a terrible surprise that confirmed her doubts.

The man had found another woman, something that Elizabeth already suspected because of his sudden change in behavior and the fact that he was avoiding his responsibilities as a father.

Elizabeth revealed her story to Jomari Goyso on the “Jomari Love” segment of the news show “Primer Impacto” on which she was given a makeover to help her reinvent herself and go on with her life, as Mundo Hispánico reported.

Source: Youtube/Primer Impacto

Source: Youtube/Primer Impacto

The woman decided to stay on the American side of the border to earn money working on the land in Lanzaster, California to support her children who were left back in Guadalajara, from where she migrated in 2002.

However, Elizabeth confessed that while her husband’s treason was shocking at first, she didn’t have the best memories from their marriage, as he was abusive toward her, both physically and mentally.

“I had gained a lot of weight, and I remember he used to say: ‘Look at you, no one is ever going to love you.’ I believed him, and it made me feel miserable,” she confessed.

Source: Youtube/Primer Impacto

Source: Youtube/Primer Impacto

At some point, Elizabeth had enough of her self-pity and decided that she wouldn’t tolerate any more humiliations from anyone, and instead started to focus on the wellbeing of her children.

“After five long years I managed to bring my eldest son to live here with me when he turned 15, but the others had to stay,” the woman shared with sadness. And continued:

Source: Youtube/Primer Impacto

Source: Youtube/Primer Impacto

“I am happy because my children are well and are good people, but my happiness is incomplete, because I have half my kids apart from me, and now I also have grandchildren, and I feel divided.”

Now, Elizabeth is looking and feeling amazing after her makeover, and hopefully, she will be able to reunite with her kids in the nearest future.


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