Suspicious package found at NY site linked to Robert De Niro

A suspicious package was sent to a Greenwich Street building which is owned by actor Robert De Niro. The building houses the offices for De Niro’s Tribeca Enterprises and restaurant Tribeca Grill.

It appears that the liberal and Democratic elite are being targeted in these incidences. Former US presidents have had the same packages sent to their residences.

On Thursday morning, New York Police went to a building in Tribeca which is associated with Robert De Niro after a suspicious package was found. The package was addressed to the actor.

A building worker was the one who called police early on Thursday, after seeing Wednesday's news about similar packages. The worker recalled seeing a similar package a day or so ago.

For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. The device was removed from the property in a total containment vessel by the police.

The bomb squad blocked off streets to execute the removal. Some reports stated that the building was evacuated while others shared that no evacuation occurred because no one was in the building.

Authorities used X-ray images to confirm that the package had a similar device inside as in other cases. Law enforcement sources said the suspicious package was on the seventh floor of the building where the De Niro’s film offices are held.

Jane Rosenthal, the co-founder of Tribeca Enterprises, revealed that the building was now open and operational. She added:

“The building was evacuated. The building is open and everybody is safe. This is not what free speech should look like.”

The device was said to be similar to the seven others found this week. The targets appear to be prominent Democrats and some of President Donald Trump's biggest foes.

De Niro has been a heavy critic of the Trump administration. In June, at the Tony Awards, he gave an expletive-laden speech where he attacked the president.

Some other people who’ve been targeted but unharmed by the devices include Former Presidents Bill Clinton and his wife, Barack Obama, George Soros, Maxine Waters, General Eric Holder and the CNN to name a few. All cases are currently being investigated.

Another suspicious package is believed to have been sent to former Vice President Joe Biden. On Thursday morning, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio gave a grave warning to the citizens.

He said:

“Someone is trying, or some group of people are trying to terrorize us, trying to get us to lose faith in our government, in our institutions, in our society. We have to respond with consistency and not allowing ourselves to be undermined. Terrorism by definition is an effort to change people’s way of living and way of thinking using violence, using terror, we can’t let that happen."

On Wednesday, five pipe bombs were mailed but never reached their targets. The CNN one was found in the mailroom at their New York headquarters and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was targeted at her district office.

No one was harmed in all cases and the bombs did not detonate.

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