Disturbing moment robber points a shotgun at an elderly woman’s face (video)

On December 19, 2017, an elderly woman and her husband were traumatized when a robber confronted them with a shotgun. At one point the woman had to look down the barrel of the gun as the gunman threatened her.

Since then, a reward has been announced for any information that will lead to the capture of the suspect. Video footage caught the whole incident.

Otwina, 78, and her husband Brian, 79, were attacked last December in the Melbourne suburb of Sunshine. The incident occurred at around 1 a.m. on Talmage Street.

This year, Otwina, who didn’t want to give her last name, recalled when she, her husband and two other women left an office Christmas party at a bowls club. They went to their car to put parcels when the man appeared suddenly.

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The elderly woman recalled recently:

"We were saying what a terrific night it was – not one of us was drunk. All of sudden, I heard the gravel jump and when I turned around he was there with a shotgun.”

Source: YouTube/Avustralya Postasi

Source: YouTube/Avustralya Postasi

Initially, the gunman pointed the gun at Brian, who tried grabbed it and tried pushing it away. The suspect demanded the keys to the bowls club which they didn't have.

The man pulled the trigger twice, but the gun didn't go off. At one point he viciously beat Brian with the shotgun until the elderly man was left barely conscious on the ground.

Source: YouTube/Avustralya Postasi

Source: YouTube/Avustralya Postasi

Video footage showed the gunman pointing the shotgun at Otwina. She recalled:

"He started counting and I said 'if you're going to shoot me, bloody well do it now.’ I thought is he going to count to ten – I remember him getting to three”

During the scuffle, Brian’s car keys had fallen and the suspect picked them up. The gunman accidentally dropped them and the car alarm went off so prompting him to run out the gate.

Source: YouTube/Avustralya Postasi

Source: YouTube/Avustralya Postasi

The suspect turned left towards Albion Railway Station as he made his escape. Brian sustained serious head and arm injuries, while the three women were unharmed.

Brian lost his hearing as a result of the attack, while Otwina is now having trouble leaving her home. She only goes out about once a week.

The suspect only got away with the elderly man’s mobile phone. On Thursday, the Armed Crime Squad released a $350,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction of the suspect.

Authorities said they believed the attacker worked with an accomplice. They stated that the accomplice may be granted immunity if they come forward.

The suspect was described as being 182cm tall, with a thin build, light colored eyes and he was perceived to be Caucasian. He wore dark loose-fitting pants, a dark windcheater, sneakers and a dark-colored balaclava over his face.

Anyone with information can also contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Source: Facebook/9News

Source: Facebook/9News

In a tragic attack this year in South Africa, an elderly man was found tied with telephone cables after suspects assaulted him and his wife on their farm. He suffered extensive facial and bodily injuries and was treated on the scene.

His wife, 71, was initially missing but she was eventually found bound and gagged, lying dead between a wall and a bed. The suspects, who were known to the elderly man, took off with firearms, jewelry, and other valuable items.

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