Hawaiian singer who was diagnosed with cancer sang the national anthem and it's beautiful

A local Hawaiian singer diagnosed with cancer, Willie K, amazed football fans after he sang his unique version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” during a game at the Aloha Stadium in Honolulu.

Willie was asked to sing the national anthem during the recent game between the University of Hawaii and the University of Nevada.

With his ukulele in hand, Willie stood in front of the microphone in front of thousands of football enthusiasts.

Even though he was diagnosed with lung cancer in February 2018, it didn’t stop him from continuing his passion.

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Not even spending the majority of this year undergoing treatments crushed his spirit.

Beaming with confidence, Willie started singing his one-of-a-kind rendition of the national anthem while strumming his ukulele.

Source: Twitter/ Spectrum Sports HI

Source: Twitter/ Spectrum Sports HI

He made sure to give his own Hawaiian touch to the song that has been engraved into the hearts of the Americans for years. The audience was amazed by his performance.

Willie’s talent has made him a local star in the islands. He has also performed with many international artists, including Prince, Santana, ZZ Top, and Journey.

Source: Twitter/ Spectrum Sports HI

Source: Twitter/ Spectrum Sports HI

Before his performance at the stadium, he said in an interview, “For a local boy who idolized all these people when he’s growing up, you never see yourself in that place, ever.”

In addition, he has been asked many times why he never tried to become an international artist.

He said, “On Maui, I say, ‘When you wake up in the morning, and you see that sunrise, give me a phone call and here’s my number.’ Then you find out why. I love it here. I would never trade it for anything else in the world.”

Meanwhile, a seven-year-old named Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja also sang the national anthem during an LA soccer game.

Called “tiny but mighty,” Malea gave her all and belted out her rendition of the patriotic song in front of 25,000. It wasn’t long until she became viral on social media.

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