Meghan Markle has cute reaction when Dutch player kisses her on the cheek at the Invictus Games

Ra'eesah Manack
Oct 29, 2018
08:10 P.M.
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In the video below, shared by Kensington Palace, expectant mother, Meghan Markle was given a cute surprise when a Dutch player sneaked a kiss at the Invictus Games.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are currently on the last leg of their tour of Oceania. As part of the trip, they attended the annual Invictus Games in Sydney.

At the games, they met many impressive athletes including Paul Guest and Edwin Vermetten. Kensington Palace posted some images and videos of the Duke and Duchess trip.

While there were many standout moments of their trip, one stood out more than the rest. The most memorable moment came as an unplanned surprise.


During Day 8 of the Invictus Games in Sydney, Australia, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle arrived at the wheelchair basketball final just after the match started. The crowd honored them with a standing ovation.

The couple then watched the wheelchair basketball final together. After the final whistle, the Duchess walked down to the court.


Meghan walked down to the court after the match. She took part in the closing ceremony and handed medals to the winner.

The Duchess of Sussex was treated to more than she had bargained for during the ceremony. She was given a sneaky kiss on her cheek from a Dutch basketball player.


Meghan handled the situation with her usual grace. She gave an adorable chuckle before continuing with her royal duties as though nothing out of the ordinary occurred.

The Duchess shook hands with the other players or touched their shoulders. Though the Dutch player broke royal protocol, it is customary to greet with three kisses in the Netherlands.


"What a happy moment for all who participated " ~ @razalas3

As cute as the experience was, it was not the only time a player at the Invictus Games broke protocol while meeting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The first incident happened the weekend before, during a sailing event on Sydney Harbor.


Both Harry and Meghan were enthusiastically hugged by an American athlete. The athlete gave Harry a bear-like embrace that lifted off the ground but gave Meghan a gentler squeeze after Harry warned him not to hug the expectant mother too tightly.

Prince Harry went on to give the closing speech for the Invictus Games. The prince closed the ceremony with the words,  "You are the Invictus Generation, and you are showing us all that anything is possible."


The Duchess of Sussex also addressed the 21 000 people in the Qudos Bank Arena which can hold 21,000. She gave a personal speech with a huge smile across her face.

She also paid tribute to the friends and families of the competitors saying, “During this year’s Invictus Games in Sydney I’ve witnessed the most amazing support networks that surround competitors.”

The Duke and Duchess had an unforgettable trip with tons of memorable moments to tell their baby one day.