Meghan Markle and Prince Harry melt hearts, smiling wide in a rare selfie pic

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are rounding up the last few days of their tour down south, and while at Wellington, New Zealand, they granted the request of a mother and two children who queued for nine hours just to see the Royals in the flesh. 

After being welcomed with the traditional New Zealand Haka and 21-gun salute at the Government House, Prince Harry and Meghan walked through the crowd as they always do. Once they got to the part where Jan Richardson was, the mom toughened up and asked "Can I get a picture? Can I get a picture?". Surprisingly, Prince Harry gladly replied with a yes. 

According to the happy mom who got two kids, Sophie Hubbard and Hope Watson, 10, to smile with the Royal couple, Meghan started to talk to the children about their day. 

During an interview with The Sun, she revealed:

"Meghan started to talk to them and I thought I'm just going to ask. We've been here since eight o'clock. There was a contemplation about staying overnight for the fun of it."

In the photo, the two 10-year-olds smiled happily right in front of the royal couple. Meghan and Harry, dressed in their signature coats, made sure to flash their best smiles as well.

However, it seems the quick photo with the two kids was a special request and was "not a selfie" since it was still taken by another person. That's all because in another case, Meghan politely declined a request of another supporter by saying that they are "not allowed to do selfies". 

Despite this, Harry and Meghan have been very accommodating of their fans, and have granted requests for as long as they don't break royal protocol.

The expectant parents arrived in New Zealand from Sydney over the weekend for their final visit on the 16-day tour that they had. Aside from Australia and New Zealand, they also visited Fiji and Tonga during their trip down under.

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