Video of teen boy freestyling 'Jennifer' in bathroom went viral due to his amazing vocal skills

Trinidad Cardona was only 18 years old when he won over the hearts of millions of people with his song “Jennifer.” He shared some details about the video and the song soon after that.

The young singer is a black/Mexican person raised by two lesbian mothers who spent most of his life exposed to ignorance and adversity, reported Yahoo. However, his personality shows nothing but positivity.

In the video that became viral in only one day, Trinidad appeared in a bathroom with his backpack on while hitting the wall, snapping his fingers, and freestyling what would be later titled “Jennifer.”


Talking about that song, he said that it was not supposed to be called that way, or even be a real song. Trinidad pointed out that it was “Cara-Cara-Cara-oline why you so fine." Once he and his friends were in the bathroom, they started recording.

Trinidad decided to sing the song and, knowing that the clip would be shared on social media, he switched it up and started freestyling “Jennifer.” As soon as it was shared on Facebook, people lost their minds.


“I got like seven million views. Literally, I woke up with seven million views, and the fans kept pushing it. They made a four-minute loop of that song, that little cell phone video. And it got a million views,” added Trinidad.


After noticing the reaction that people got with his 30-second-long song, he knew that he had to record a full version of it and a video. Soon after the world first heard about Trinidad, he released the three-and-a-half version of “Jennifer.” So far, it has almost 35 million views on YouTube.

During his interview with Yahoo, the young man said that he started doing music out of boredom and ended up falling in love with it, his records, and the creative process. When he noticed that the people in his city liked his music, too, he realized that he might start thinking about music as something serious.


Trinidad is not the only person who became a viral sensation after one of his videos hit the Internet. Shama Mrema, a Tanzania native and part-time actor, took to Facebook to post a music video about Chick-fil-A restaurants and the fact that they are closed on Sundays.

After getting disappointed several times, he wrote a song about the restaurant and got the help of Robert Therrell and Andrew Simmons, who directed and produced the video respectively.

In the clip, Shama rapped about Chick-fil-A being the best restaurant in the world, that he would marry it if he could, and some other good aspects of the restaurant. The main point of the tune, though, is that it's close on Sundays.

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