2-year-old girl helps dad learn 'Pledge of Allegiance' for citizenship test in adorable video

Aby Rivas
Nov 10, 2018
05:49 P.M.
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This adorable 2-year-old girl has become a viral sensation after a video of her reciting the “Pledge of Allegiance” from memory was posted by her mother. She also learned the 50 states in alphabetical order.


An adorable toddler from the Polk County, Florida, has been stealing hearts all over the internet with her charming performance of the patriotic allegiance to the flag and the U.S constitution.

Hyla learned the words while helping her father get ready for his naturalization as a U.S citizen, and so her mother decided to share with the world the genius of her child, who recites the pledge without stuttering and with a flow that most children of her age would struggle with.


Marissa Berland Branisavljevic first posted the video on YouTube, and wrote in the description:

“Hyla is an American born child with Worldly roots (1/4 Serbian, 1/4 Hungarian, 50% American Russian & 100% Jew ;) ) but her obsession with The American Flag inspired me to teach her The Pledge of Allegiance a few days ago. We are still working on clarity, but for a 2-year-old, I think she's doing pretty well.”



Several news outlets picked up the video and Hyla was featured on a segment of FOX 13 News. Marissa recorded the girl’s reaction to seeing herself on TV, as she looked in awe while stating “That’s my face! That’s me!”

The news station also shared the clip on Facebook, where it has earned over 5.1K views in less than a month. People gushed about the girl in the comments:

“Hyla you did a good job. Dad congratulations on your hard work to become a citizen. You should be proud of what Hyla is learning from your good examples.”



“Wonderful job! Every child should know this.”

“Adorable! Good job mom!”


Hyla seems to have a pretty good memory, and the “Pledge of Allegiance” is not the only thing she has learned. She also can recite the 50 states in alphabetical order with the help of a song, the months of the year, days of the week and planets of the solar system.

Not bad for a two-year-old.



Serena Moore became an internet sensation when her mother posted a Facebook video of the 2-year-old  reciting African-American leaders from memory alone. Her video has earned over 2.2 million views, and it features the little girl identifying great personalities including Barack Obama, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman and more.

Serena’s mom, Miriam A. Moore, told Pop Sugar that her daughter’s interest in Black History Leaders started when her pre-school teacher introduced a board with several names and pictures of some of the most relevant figures to the class.


And added:

“I took a picture of the board and printed it to work with her at home. Every day, we reviewed the names of each person. I would point to their picture and say their name. She learned them quickly! Not only could she name them, but she could also identify them… She is currently learning at least one fact about each leader.”

Serena is a genius in the making, just like Hyla.

Is good to see kids getting a thirst for knowledge and learning from such a young age.