Giggling driver films passenger launching a lit rocket at a passing cyclist (video)

Razia Meer
Nov 05, 2018
01:07 P.M.
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A shocking video released on social media showing a cyclist being hit by a rocket launched out of a moving car has people up in arms. 


The culprits, described as "yobs," are heard giggling in the footage as the driver films the front seat passenger launching the rocket at a cyclist and appearing to get a direct hit.

To add insult to injury, the video was released with the caption:

"Bloody good shot Sir"

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In the video, someone can be heard saying "Oh my god" as the lit incendiary device arcs towards a solitary cyclist on the road.

The presumably unaware cyclist is suddenly engulfed in a burst of sparks and smoke as the driver continues filming. The cyclist appears to still remain seated on his bike when the video ends.


The footage received negative commentary on social media with users demanding the assailants be locked up for their unwarranted attack on an innocent cyclist that could have proved extremely dangerous.

The full video can be seen below.


As incidents of fireworks-related attacks steadily grow with another man filmed throwing a rocket into some unsuspecting person's car, below, 11-year-old Ben McCabe has related his own tragic experience.

The then 4-year-old had been watching a pyrotechnics display with his dad when the unimaginable happened and a stray rocket struck him.

His shirt was completely burnt and he suffered third-degree burns across his chest and neck that required skin grafts. 7 years later, little Ben still requires daily treatment. 


It seems cyclists' lives are in ever greater danger, and not just from fireworks displays. Tree doctors cutting down a large tree almost crushed a cyclist when the tree came crashing to the tarmac.

They had barely time to yell a warning as his speed took him underneath the huge tree before it thudded to the ground behind him.

These stories prove what we have always known to be true, fireworks are all fun and games until someone gets hurt and cyclists should always wear helmets.