November 08, 2018

George has a cheeky nickname for his granddaddy Prince Charles, and it’s inspired by the Queen

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Prince George and Princess Charlotte have put a royal twist on their name for their grandfather, Prince Charles.

According to the Daily Mail, the royal children have taken a page out of their grandmother's book and opted for a sweeter nickname than is common. 

They refer to Prince Charles as "Grandpa Wales" in obvious reference to him being the Prince of Wales. 

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Similarly, Queen Elizabeth II used to call her grandfather George V "Grandpa England." 

In the piece, his grandchildren's visits are described as "bedlam," a loving way to call what is likely the typical chaos whenever kids are around. 


The adorable pair of children from Kate Middleton and Prince Williams were joined by their third brother, Prince Louis of Cambridge in April 2018. 

Soon, the 69-year-old Prince will welcome his fourth grandchild. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they are expecting about three weeks ago. 


But it may be that the Prince favors his first grandchild, Prince George. He organized a plantation of trees at Birkhall to mark George's birth. 

He also expressed an interest in having George become a steward as well. Charles himself focuses on environmental issues like climate change and pollution.

It's wonderful to see that the Prince has a desire for his grandson to make a difference in the world. Growing up, Charles wasn't as lucky in his relationship with his father. 


His father Prince Philip reportedly bullied Charles in the hopes of toughening him up. This worked to the opposite effect according to his friends.

Charles' relationship with his mother was also not the most affectionate. Upon his return from a six-month tour when Charles was only five, she greeted him with just a handshake.


Meanwhile, little Prince George proved that he's already a gentleman at one of the royal weddings. He adorably showed affection by comforting a bridesmaid. 

Two-year-old Zalie Warren, Prince Harry's goddaughter, began crying as they awaited the bride, Markle. Prince George stepped in to help calm the toddler down. 

Not only can he be adorably cheeky, but young Prince George seems to be learning a lot from his caring father and grandfather.