Kathy Griffin tweets about her split - 'now those jerks won't get the story first'

Cheryl Kahla
Nov 09, 2018
09:35 P.M.

Comedian Kathy Griffin broke up with her partner of seven years and released the news on Twitter before the tabloids got hold of it.


She began her tweet by saying: "God help me, but I'm gonna be one of those people who announce a breakup." She went on:

"After seven years, Randy and I have decided to part ways. It's not acrimonious, and I will always adore him."

Griffin ended her tweet by taking a jab at TMZ, saying: "There, no those jerks at TMZ won't get the story first. Go back to your bootlicking, [HarveyLevinTMZ.]"


The news was shared yesterday, and Griffen's message was already like by more than 19,000 users on the network.

Levin has not yet responded. Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa. The hilarious tweet can be viewed below.


Griffen, 58, and Randy Bick, 39, had been dating since 2012 and they shared a home in Bel Air with their two rescue dogs Pom and Larry.

When they had been dating for four years, Griffen famously said in an interview that she thought their "one-night-stand" wouldn't turn into anything serious.


She explained:

"Well you know I didn’t think it would last [because] he’s 18 years younger than I am! I thought he was just a man-whore if you will."

One of the many reasons she loved Bick, was because he wasn't like every second actor in Hollywood.


She said at the time:

"We’ve been together five years now, and we have a great time, and he’s very sweet and very mellow. He’s like a regular guy, you know, he’s like a real guy."

Before dating Bick, Griffin was also involved with software entrepreneur Matthew Modine, who stole money from her wallet while she slept.

After her divorce from Modine, Griffin also dated Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, as well as Isaiah Mustafa and Tom Vize.

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