Porsha Williams flaunts growing baby bump while dancing in new video, days after hospitalization

Pregnant Porsha Williams, the reality star best known for “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” took to Instagram to share clips of the surprise her cousins made for her. She even danced a bit.

In the first video, Porsha appeared sitting on the floor wearing black leggings and a matching crop top while the people around her yelled, “surprise!” They got the Little Angels 3D/4D mobile ultrasound imaging to see Porsha’s upcoming baby, PJ.

For the second clip, the reality star appeared in the middle of a room moving her hips side to side and in circles trying to make PJ move. Her cousins and Dennis McKinley, the father of the upcoming child, couldn’t stop laughing.


The only image in the slideshow portrayed the soon-to-be mother looking at a white and pink onesie while a stuffed unicorn was placed on her lap. In the caption, Porsha revealed that her cousins surprised her with a lovely video experience.

She added that PJ turned her “bum” to the camera, which was why she was dancing in the second video to try to make her turn around. Porsha finally said that it didn’t work as PJ “is already a diva.”


As soon as she uploaded that slideshow, her followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts. One of them admitted that Porsha was “absolutely beautiful” without makeup and that her pregnant glow “shining through” her. Another user said that her skin was “everything” and that her happiness was evident in most of her recent posts.


While Porsha is enjoying her pregnant self at the moment, she scared all her fans a couple of weeks ago. NeNe Leakes announced that Porsha was confined to a hospital bed after experiencing severe pain stemming from fibroids. The reality star suffered fertility issues in the past due to the presence of fibroids in her uterus. 

Despite being in the hospital, sources say the baby was not in danger. The pregnant star is expected to deliver her first child in January. In mid-October, Porsha uploaded a video of an ultrasound wherein the heartbeat of the couple’s upcoming child could be heard.


Soon later, she uploaded a clip revealing the gender of the baby. While she and Dennis were on a stage, several people shot pink confetti tubes that set clear the couple is expecting a girl.

Nowadays, the couple is taking things with extreme care to avowing going to the hospital again. Porsha’s fans cannot wait for her to bring her first child to the world, though.

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