Woman shared easy and low-cost insulation trick to keep warm air inside house

Nov 12, 2018
11:02 P.M.
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A grandmother from Alaska showed a simple and inexpensive trick to stay warm at home during the cold season. Her tool for this insulation hack: a bubble wrap.


During the winter time, this trick will make your home warm and cozy. It’d be the perfect temperature to have those warm milk and cookies with your family.

Heating the home can be very pricey and will surely rake up your bills. With this trick by YouTube user AlaskaGranny, the cost will be cut down to more than double.

Plus, it lasts for so long that you won’t need to change them.

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As an Alaskan, you would definitely take this grandmother’s word. After all, they know more about winter than we do.


Although she often shares neat tricks and tips for those outdoor aficionados, her video of this insulation hack has been gaining more attention with over three million views.

Source: Freepik

For those homes with windows that let cold air inside, she suggested covering the windows with bubble wrap.

In the video’s description, she wrote, "This is a technique that is simple to do, and helps keep the inside of your home warm and cozy.  The bubble wrap will stay for a long time, is easily removed, and won't harm the window.”

Source: YouTube/ AlaskaGranny

The steps are easy. First, you need to cut the bubble wrap to the same size as your window. Next, spray the bubble side of the wrap with water, as well as the window. Then, press the wrap against the glass, putting slight pressure to make sure it sticks.


It is important to stick the bubble side against the window to ensure proper insulation.

After her demonstration, she said, "It pulls right off in spring.”

Many social media users have been praising the user for her neat trick and said that it is a brilliant, money-saving idea.


While it keeps everybody warm inside, it also provides more privacy for everyone at home.

Build It Solar also recommended the same trick to provide more insulation inside the house.

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Meanwhile, the Conversation provided ten, low-cost hacks to keep your house warm during the cold season.

Some of them are making use of curtains, using timers on your central heating, maximizing your insulation, and reflecting the heat.