November 13, 2018

Man's heart-wrenching cry over the caskets of 9 family members

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The tragedy has devastated Giordano, who lost his wife, two children, his parents and two brothers because of the rains in southern Italy.

This heartbreaking event has moved the entire population and hundreds of people have gone to the funeral of the 9 members of the family that took place in Palermo.

The bad weather in Sicily put an end to the lives of these people and led a man to mourn the loss of his loved ones in a single funeral held in the Cathedral of Palermo.

According to a Debate report, they consecrated a minute of silence for the victims and placed the flags of all the institutions and schools at half-mast. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa 



During the walk with the coffins, dozens of white balloons were released into the sky, accompanied by applause in honor of the deceased. The band of the city also played at the funeral.

This tragedy ended the lives of two children, a one-year-old and a 3-year-old. It also took the life of a 15-year-old teenager.


The family was surprised by a flood in their country house in Casteldaccia, a coastal town east of Palermo, capital of the island of Sicily.

The teen's schoolmates carried a sign that said "Federico lives", and even several of them helped load the coffin.


The large family had gathered in the place to spend the weekend at the edge of the Milicia River, which overflowed with heavy rains and covered the place with water and mud.

The house had been built very close to the river, without legal permits. He even had a demolition order since 2008, said the mayor of Casteldaccia.

"Nobody warned us of the risks, we had rented it two years ago, I had suspicions when the owner told me it was better to go there only in the summer," said Giuseppe Giordano, 35, who lost his wife, two of his three children, their parents and two brothers.


A scene that nobody would want to see was when the unfortunate man kissed each of the coffins with a kiss. His eyes were red and swollen with so much crying and pain.

It is worth noting that Giordano and his 12-year-old daughter managed to save themselves by being tied to a tree for hours.

According to the owner of the house, Antonino Pace, who also alleged that he lent it, said he had warned about the risks and warning even about the red alert in Sicily due to bad weather.


Unfortunately, there are families that go through the pain and helplessness of losing a family member in unforeseen and unexplained circumstances. There are no answers, no solution, only the pain of starting to live with that absence.

Natural disasters can be certainly devastating, like the typhoon that hit the Philippines on September. Typhoon Mangkhu turned the country upside-down with winds that go up to 270 km per hour.

At least two people have lost their lives to Mangkhut, known locally as Ompong, which is considered to be the strongest storm on the planet in 2018. Both victims were women and they were killed when a rain-drenched hillside collapsed on them.