Firefighter saves badly damaged American flag found in the devastating blaze of CA

A touching video emerged from Paradise town which was ravaged by wildfires. The respectful act comforted patriots everywhere.

One firefighter was captured on video picking up a tattered American flag from the scorched ground. Around him were burnt trees and ash.

Holding the flag high above the rubble, he walked down the side of the street. He found a mailbox nearby and hung the flag over it.

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Then the man bent down and secured the flag by tying two strings together. CBS shared the video to Facebook on Sunday.

Sunday was also Veteran's Day for the nation, making the incident that much more meaningful.

The clip has since gone viral, garnering 3,600 reactions, 246 comments, and almost 1,800 shares.

The patriotic act also reflected hope and resilience. So far, 42 people lost their lives to the fires in Southern California. And according to the NY Times, over 200 remain unaccounted for.

The magazine also reported that 13 coroners were sent out to locate victims in Paradise town. Additionally, the Butte Country increased search-and-rescue personnel and cadaver dogs to 150.

Two portable temporary morgue units given by the military will be used to "expedite the analysis of DNA" according to the sheriff. They hope to identify the remains of loved ones as quickly as possible.

The Camp Fire blaze has devastated over 125,000 acres and is still only 30 percent contained. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be weakening soon.

The Woolsey Fire is also raging on in Los Angeles and Ventura. Authorities extended red flag warnings to 5 p.m on Wednesday due to persistent strong winds.

The red flag warning for Wednesday applied to the Santa Monica mountains and the Ventura, San Fernando, and Santa Clarita valleys.

Another red flag warning expires on Tuesday at 5 p.m. It applied to the LA coast and the San Gabriella Valley.

Next week, some locations may get a reprieve as rain is expected during Thanksgiving week. Until then, a sense of gloom lingers over the area.

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