Melania Trump wants Mira Ricardel, the deputy national security advisor to be fired from the WH

Jaimie-lee Prince
Nov 18, 2018
06:21 P.M.
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In an unprecedented move, the First Lady has publicly called for Mira Ricardel to be removed from her position.


A similar intervention by a First Lady has happened very few times before. In 1987, Chief of Staff Donald Reagan crossed Nancy Reagan. He was swiftly fired thereafter.

In this case, it is unclear as to whether the White House has ousted Ricardel yet. Previous reports that officials escorted her out were later proven to be inaccurate.

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Melania Trump issued the statement yesterday. She sought for Ricardel, the top deputy of the national security advisor John Bolton, to be removed.

This comes amid talks that the Trump administration is getting a serious shakeup. Melania's spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham released a statement:

“It is the position of the office of the First Lady that she no longer deserves the honor of serving in this White House."


Mira Ricardel reportedly clashed with Melania's staff on their flight to Africa last month. She was unable to get seating despite the expectation that she and her staff would be on board.

Ricardel then threatened to refrain from providing National Security Council resources. She insisted that she or another NSC official must be included.


Another recurring issue is Ricardel's strict adherence to due process. White House staff take issue with this as it disrupts communications between the NSC and the Cabinet agencies.

The details about influences to Melania's decision are not known, however. And in a recent interview with the former first lady, Michelle Obama, it was revealed that Melania may not be one to reach out for advice.

When asked if Melania had ever come to Obama for assistance, she responded "No, no she hasn't" with raise eyebrows.

Regarding the topic, spokeswoman Grisham later retorted that Melania is a "strong and independent woman" who looks to her "professional team within the White House." 


Security advisor Bolton personally hired Ricardel back in April. He was traveling yesterday as events unfolded. Prior to that, she worked in the Commerce Department. But during George W. Bush's presidency, she worked in Defense.

NBC News reported that Ricardel frequently angers the East Wing. Yet she celebrated with staff just yesterday. Trump tweeted from an Indian Diwali festival during which he made a speech.

The news outlet also received information about Ricardel's standing. She is apparently the highest ranked in her administration. Yet she had never met Melania before.


This appears somewhat ironic since the first lady might be sealing Ricardel's fate at the White House soon.

But before the events of Tuesday took place, Melania dished out high fashion in Paris. She and Donald attended the city's Remembrance Day on Sunday.

The first lady wore a pleated grey wool dress. The dress was accessorized with a grey belt and a bow at the neck. Melania covered it with a chic grey coat.

As the first lady gets busier with events worldwide, it will be interesting to see if Ricardel is let go. And whether this gets the ball rolling on the anticipated shakeup in the current administration.