Woman performed professional salsa at 8 months pregnant and her baby bump didn't hold her back

Mary Scott
Nov 19, 2018
09:19 P.M.

A heavily pregnant woman stunned social media users with her energetic salsa dance moves.


In a video posted on YouTube last year, the woman, dressed in a mini black dress and heeled sandals, struts onto the dance floor confidently as the hit song, “Despacito” plays in the background.

A male partner soon joins her, and together they set the stage on fire. Scroll down for the jaw-dropping video.

It is the woman, however, that commands the most attention as she slides and stomps without any hindrance. It’s almost like her baby bump does not exist as she pulls off one difficult move after another.

YouTube/Mamas Con Ganas

YouTube/Mamas Con Ganas

At the end of their performance when her partner dips her toward the ground, the audience breaks into cheers and whistles.


Every woman reacts to pregnancy differently; in fact, one woman can respond to two pregnancies in different ways. But for this dancer, it’s apparent she's on a roll.

The 3-minute clip was uploaded in May last year and already has over ten million and thousands of comments.

YouTube/Mamas Con Ganas

YouTube/Mamas Con Ganas


Like the woman in the clip, several other pregnant women said they dance and reveal some of the benefits- stress release, exercise, and socializing.

According to the women, it helps with the physical and emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy. Social Community Dance notes:


“For professional dancers and instructors, dancing through pregnancy is not optional—these ladies rely on dance for their livelihood. For others, it’s a physical, mental, and emotional necessity.”

YouTube/Mamas Con Ganas

YouTube/Mamas Con Ganas

According to Baby Centre UK, dancing is a safe and fun way to exercise during pregnancy. The website, however, advises:

“If dancing is new to you, it's best to stick to a gentle dance class that doesn’t involve jumping and isn’t too strenuous. It's also worth mentioning to your doctor or midwife that you've joined a dance class.”

YouTube/Mamas Con Ganas

YouTube/Mamas Con Ganas



Not only is dancing fun and sociable, but it is also said to keep the pregnant woman flexible, strengthen muscles, and work the heart and lungs.

The advice comes with caution though: pregnant women should learn to listen to their bodies.

“If you listen to your body, you're unlikely to overdo things,” says Baby Centre UK. “Moderate exercise should make you feel mildly out of breath and only slightly sweaty.”

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