6 natural signs that we could be in for a harsh winter

It’s only a matter time before the winter season comes. According to folklore, here are six things that will help us predict what it will be like for the upcoming months.

For those who have been wondering if it will be a mild or cold season, the NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center recently revealed the Winter Forecast for the entire country.

Most of the United States will be drier and milder this winter season. This prediction is backed up by science. 

As for those who also like to take a look at folklore-based predictions, here is how you predict what winter will be like by using these six natural signs. 

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Source: YouTube/ ABC 7 Chicago

Source: YouTube/ ABC 7 Chicago

Woolly worms or wooly bear caterpillars are black and brown. According to belief, if the brown portion of the insect is small, the winter will be unforgiving. If the brown part is bigger than the black, it will be a mild winter season.


Source: YouTube/ ABC 7 Chicago

Source: YouTube/ ABC 7 Chicago

If you notice squirrels looking busier and storing lots of food, it could be a sign of a severe winter. In addition, if their tails look bushier and their nests are positioned higher in the trees, then it is said that you should expect a harsh winter.


Source: YouTube/ ABC 7 Chicago

Source: YouTube/ ABC 7 Chicago

They said the number of days fog occurred in August is the same number of snowfalls that will occur in the wintertime. This year, there were 19 foggy days in August. We will have to see if this belief is accurate in the coming days ahead.


Source: YouTube/ ABC 7 Chicago

Source: YouTube/ ABC 7 Chicago

When you cut open the seeds of persimmon fruit, you will see either a spoon, a knife, or a fork shape. It is said that spoons mean you should prepare the shovels, knives imply that it will be cold, icy weather with unforgiving winds, while forks indicate a mild winter.


Leaves falling early supposedly indicate a mild fall and winter period. But when leaves fall late, the winter is said to be extreme.


Large sized head apples mean a cold winter, while smaller sized ones mean that the winter season will be mild.

Source: YouTube/ ABC 7 Chicago

Source: YouTube/ ABC 7 Chicago


Apart from these six natural things, there is another one that they said is mother nature’s way of predicting winter. It’s the halos in the sky.

Remember this rhyme during the winter time, “Halo around the sun or moon. Rain or snow soon.”


Regardless of the winter predictions, it is important to stay prepared. Don’t rely on forecasts before taking action. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

One of the things you should prepare for is protecting your property from a potential unforgiving winter season.

Some of the things you could do include securing the insulation in your home, clean out the gutter to avoid ice build-up, and checking the boiler regularly.

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