Cats go viral after continuously trying to get into a Japanese museum for two years

Two cats have caught global attention for their several attempts to get into an art museum in Japan for two years.

A video shared on Twitter shows one of the cats, named Ken-chan by the museum staff, trying to enter the Onomichi city museum of art, located in Western Japan.

Ken-chan is seen waiting patiently outside before making a bid for the entrance as the automatic doors begin to close. The guard then lifts the cat and takes him away from the entrance.

The cats, who have been politely declined entry each time they step into the museum’s doors, have earned quite a following on social media.

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Ken-chan, the black cat, first tried to enter the museum in the summer of 2016 during an exhibit of cat photography. A security guard stopped him, however. The amusing encounter was caught on camera and became viral.

Shinji Umebayashi, the museum’s curator, said: “I’m guessing that Ken-chan spotted some of the exhibits through the glass, and since the photos included those of black cats, he must have thought he had found a new friend. And then he just kept coming back.”

Ken-chan later made another attempts accompanied by a ginger cat named Go-chan.

“I’d seen him around so we think he must live locally, but we’re not sure where, exactly,” Umebayashi said.


The security guard would playfully send Ken-chan away whenever the cat attempts to enter the museum, but the two have formed a friendship.

Their interactions at the museum’s entrance over the years have gone viral, with netizens being charmed by their gentle encounters.

The cats have made the museum more famous, with the establishment now having more than 45,000 Twitter followers. The museum recently launched a range of souvenirs featuring the two cats.

A similar charming story is that of a cat who waits patiently at 12 o'clock each day to play a game with the mailman.

Baron the cat waits for the USPS mailman to drop off a letter at 12 every day to play his favorite game. He snatches the mail and dashes away from the door with his trophy.

The cat's owners finally recorded the video and shared their cat’s exploits online.

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