Heartbreaking story: dog waited patiently for his family's return, but he had been abandoned

Edduin Carvajal
Nov 21, 2018
07:33 A.M.
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Bumer is a dog that spent six months at the Jorge Chavez Airport in Lima, Peru, waiting for his owners to get him, something that never happened.


In a Facebook post that Milagros Salazar shared, she revealed that Bumer was betrayed in the most heartbreaking way as his family abandoned him at an airport.

The poor dog probably thought that they would come back for him, so he stayed in the same place that night. The following morning, the owners were not around, so he waited that day, too.



Bumer’s hope never faded as he stayed at the same door for six months, withstanding cold nights, rainy days, and more.

Milagros’ initial post set clear that he was sick already, so she desperately asked someone to adopt him.


During his time at the airport, Bumer slept on a dirty cloth that someone provided.

Even though workers and taxi drivers at Jorge Chavez would give him food regularly, it was not the way a dog was supposed to live.



Thankfully, five days after sharing the plea, Milagros revealed that Bumer had been taken to a temporary home wherein he was getting veterinary attention from a woman called Sonia.

Source: Public Domain Pictures


Milagros added that once the dog was fully healed, they would put him in adoption.

The woman finally pointed out that there is no Facebook account or GoFundMe page to gather money for Bumer and that Sonia was paying for everything.

Source: Flickr



Unfortunately, Bumer is not the only dog that a family abandoned. A pregnant dog named Marie was left in the front of her owner’s house in Costa Rica with no food or water.


A neighbor found Marie, took some photos, and posted them online. A while later, they contacted Tania Cappelluti, a woman who moved from Germany to Costa Rica several years ago and created the Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue Costa Rica.



When Cappelluti learned Marie’s story, she did her best to find a new family willing to take care of her.

Thankfully, Wynn Mackey stepped in and temporarily took care of Marie so she could spend her remaining pregnant days as good as possible.



A couple of days after that, the dog gave birth to seven healthy puppies. Marie’s story didn’t end there though. 

A family contacted Cappelluti and told her that they wanted to adopt her, something unusual as most people prefer taking puppies.

Fortunately, Cappelluti found a loving home for each puppy soon after they were old enough to leave their mother.

What started as an awful experience for a pregnant dog ended up as an example of strength and love.


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