Here's how a 61-year-old granny shed 117 pounds in 16 months

Pedro Marrero
Nov 25, 2018
09:28 P.M.
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A 61-year-old woman showed that it is never too late to recover one's health and turn your life around. 


Greta Ross lived with several health conditions that were deteriorating her little by little. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

However, the only recommendation she received from her doctors was to take medication to alleviate the symptoms that were affecting her.

Six years ago she suffered from gastric reflux, and this condition had worsened so much that Greta could no longer sleep at night because of the discomfort that this caused her.


"My cholesterol levels were extremely high and I was at risk for a heart attack or stroke," Ross told TODAY.

The doctors had prescribed all kinds of medication, but Greta knew that the problem was overweight.

She decided to put an end to the source of her illness and began taking care of her diet and being more active. Fortunately, her husband was there to support her.


According to Greta, she stopped taking prescription medications and instead began to exercise, and walked with her husband every day. 

"We would average about 10 miles a day and the weight just started coming off," she said.


Greta's metabolism was very slow at first because she used to eat little and skipped meals, and her inactivity was one of the biggest barriers she had to overcome.


However, Greta showed that changing certain habits does yield results and in a short time, her health began to improve.

All she had to do, was eat at least six times a day in moderate portions to speed up her metabolism and not forget to exercise.


Greta lost more than 120lb in less than two years. She began lifting weights in the gym to help her body regain the tone of its skin and muscles.

The result of her transformation is simply amazing.


Thanks to Greta's family, changing habits and staying healthy became easier. 

One study has shown that friends can have a big influence on the menu choices that their colleagues choose, so if you want to stick to your health food plan, the best thing you can do is eat with those who also choose healthy food on their menu.

What is most important in maintaining a healthy life is consistency. It is the only way through which we can achieve sustainable weight loss, muscles/growth maintenance, and overall health.

One just has to follow the routine and keep doing it for a long period of time without worrying about the amount and intensity of the workout.