Wendy Williams dragged heavily after trying to persuade people to call Trump 'President,' not 'Mr.'

Mary Scott
Nov 22, 2018
07:53 A.M.
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Talk show host, Wendy Williams came under fire after she complained about people saying "Mr. Trump and not “President Trump.” See the video below.


During the Hot Topics segment of “The Wendy Williams Show,” the former radio personality touched on “The Clinton Affair,” an A&E docuseries.


Williams was talking about the first episode of the series which rehashes former President Bill Clinton’s infamous affair with his then-White House intern, Monica Lewinsky.

“I love Donald Trump. He’s a friend to the show, and if he wins, that’ll be my first time ever going to the White House.”

Williams’ commentary had her calling President Clinton at a point, and it seemed to remind her of the present one, prompting her to share what she doesn’t like.


“By the way, whether you like Donald Trump or not, I get tired of people calling presidents Mister,” she said, adding:

“He’s not Mr. Trump. He’s President Trump. And you show it through your nastiness, newscasters when you do that. You might not agree with him, but he’s President Trump.”



Her comments immediately sparked outrage from social media users, including some of her fans who could not help disagreeing.

One non-fan wondered how Williams got a show in the first place:

“The advice Wendy gives on her show is Ridiculous. It's almost as bad as her telling us to refer to Idiot Moron Trump as President Trump. How did she get a show? There are so many more ppl who are more deserving of a show.”


Another accused her of being hypocritical:

“And yet you say nothing to trump about getting on his job. The hypocrisy of it all. And for the record, newscasters have been using Mr. Forever. You had no problem with them referring to President Obama as just Obama. The hypocrisy of it all.”

One of Williams’ fans revealed he’s been listening to her since her radio days but won't accept her latest remarks:

“Wendy talkin bout ‘He's not Mr Trump, he's PRESIDENT Trump.’ Well, Wendy... been listening to you since radio and for the first time, I invite you to kiss my [expletive]. The illegitimate president is barely a ‘mister.’ So, he's lucky he even gets that.”


Here's the video of Williams making the comments. It starts from the 17:20 mark.


Williams is no stranger to controversial statements, and back in 2015 when the president was still a Republican candidate, she declared her love for the equally contentious Donald Trump.


She was chatting with CNN’s Don Lemon when she said:

“I love Donald Trump. He’s a friend to the show, and if he wins, that’ll be my first time ever going to the White House.”


She also told Inside Edition that if Trump runs the country the way he runs his family, then he has a chance.

“[You]can't find any one of those Trump kids falling down drunk,” she added.


Ironically, Williams recently called out Kim Kardashian-West, whose husband made headlines last month after his bizarre meeting and show of support for Trump.

The 54-year-old specifically attacked Kim over a bikini selfie she shared, insinuating that the reality star was trying to distract people from her husband, Kanye West’s antics.


Williams announced:

“This picture is so unnecessary at a time where her husband is losing all his marbles. While he’s losing it, she’s trying to distract with pictures like this…we can’t forget about Kanye, because he’s everywhere, and not in a good way.”