Kim Kardashian justifies her decision to hire private firefighters on Ellen DeGeneres' show

Kim Kardashian shares her experience with the California wildfires with Ellen DeGeneres.

Kim Kardashian, the reality star of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" opened up about her experience during the California wildfires on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"  on November 21, 2018.

Kardashian's home, which she shares with her husband Kanye West and their three children: North, 5, Saint, 2, and Chicago, 10 months-old, was yards away from the fire and was saved through the intervention of private firefighters hired by the 38-year-old celebrity.

The interview was posted on YouTube/TheEllenShow, and has garnered over 500,000 views.

"Our house is right on the end of a big park, so the whole park had caught fire and so if our house went, then every other house would go.”

Kim Kardashian, YouTube/TheEllenShow, November 21, 2018.


As the California wildfires ravaged hundreds of thousands of acres of the Golden State, thousands of homes were destroyed by the spreading blaze, and tens of thousands more were threatened, forcing the residents to evacuate.

Many of the evacuees were movie stars and celebrities who owned homes in the areas ravaged by the inferno. Among them were Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Gerard Butler, and Alyssa Milano. 

Kardashian's home was yards away from the fire and was saved through the intervention of private firefighters hired by the 38-year-old celebrity.


Kardashian hired a company of private firefighters who controlled and fought back the fire from the whole neighborhood, saving all the houses around the contiguous park from catching fire. Kardashian's 47 million mansion was one of the "lucky few" as many of Hollywood star's luxurious homes burned to ashes in the blaze. 

“We were fortunate enough and blessed enough, and I know that not everyone has this luxury available to them, but we were able to get private firefighters."

Kim Kardashian West


The celebrity was criticized for her actions, but others praised her thoughtfulness in extending her concern for all the neighboring houses and making sure they too were protected from the encroaching fire by the privately hired firefighters.

 "Just take care of our home. Take care of everything because once they go, once ours starts, the whole neighborhood can go.’” 

Kim Kardashian West


Kardashian announced on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" that her husband Kanye West, Yeezy and Adidas were donating $200,000 to the California Fire Foundation and $200,000 to California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund to help the thousands of people who have lost everything in the fires.

Kardashian and her family have yet to return to their home, even though the house is intact, due to the overwhelming smell of smoke. The California wildfires are said to have destroyed over 7,000 homes and burned 245,000 acres of the Golden State.

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Like Kim Kardashian, Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins is one of the lucky few whose home did ot burn to the ground during the California wildfires.

Aerial images of the Woolsey fire show that the actor's Malibu home narrowly escaped destruction. Hopkins' next-door-neighbor wasn't as lucky, and his house burned to the ground.

Hopkins' house is an oasis in a sea of ash and destruction, and it seems as if a miracle left it untouched by the encroaching sea of flames.

Fellow British actor Gerard Butler, who also owns a home in Malibu wasn't so lucky, and his house was incinerated, as was Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's.

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