Police woman breastfeeds baby when parents end up in hospital after a car crash

Pedro Marrero
Nov 27, 2018
06:29 A.M.

Mothers are something truly from another world, and this story proves it.


On November 20 an event was held in Ayacucho, Argentina, which left many moved to tears, and not because it was something tragic, but on the contrary, it was an event full of compassion.

A couple and their two small children were traveling along the Buenos Aires route 29, at the intersection with the 74 and, due to a bad maneuver, they were involved in an accident.

Of course, the authorities took care of the matter and moved the couple to the Municipal Hospital of Ayacucho to be treated for their wounds. Fortunately, the babies were unharmed. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.


The children, a 3-year-old and a 4-months-old, were left in the care of a policewoman named Pamela Anesetti Peralta, who did not hesitate to breastfeed the little baby when he showed signs of hunger.

According to Urgente Ayacucho, the officer asked the parents for permission to feed the baby and they agreed.

The moment was captured in a photo by a person who felt deep admiration for what she was seeing: A mother taking care for those who needed it the most.


The photo later went viral, and so far has been shared more than 4 thousand times, has received dozens of comments and more than four hundred reactions on Facebook.

In the description of the shot, Lucky Newton wrote: "You see these things in the news but this is in Ayacucho, I do not know his name but in a situation of an accident in which his mother was taken care of, the police mom offered to breastfeed him!!".

Shortly after, Pamela Anesetti Peralta learned that she was being acclaimed all over the internet, and gave statements to the website.


"I had no idea that the photo had been taken, I only fulfilled my duty by being in the hospital at all times. I was with the children at all times, after they finished giving the report of the state of the couple’s health, I decided to wait to see the reunion with the parents, who were totally distressed," she said.

"Then I went back to the hospital for another case and decided to visit the family to see how their children were doing. Now I left Franco and I had planned to go again, but it was already a lot ha ha ha," the police officer told Urgente Ayacucho.


"Thanks to the family members who allowed me to breastfeed, at those moments you think like a mother, happy to help you. I really fell in love with that chubby boy when I saw him with his little brother," Peralta wrote on her Facebook, according to La Nación.


Pamela's act of kindness reminded us of this other Argentine policewoman named Celeste Ayala, who did not hesitate to be a temporary mother for a malnourished baby girl.


She told the story after an image that captivated on social media, revealing details of the day she breastfed a baby who was admitted to the Children's Hospital of La Plata, in Buenos Aires.

She said that six children were removed from their parents for keeping them in a state of neglect and abandon. The 7-month-old baby is the youngest of the six siblings.

"We grabbed them and took them for cures. Then we continued our journey and when we returned the baby cried a lot," she told Crónica TV. She added: "I told the caretaker: 'I think he's hungry.'" And the caretaker said the same thing.


The officer told her that she had a one-year, four-month-old daughter who was still breastfeeding and offered to breastfeed the baby.

The very emotional caretaker accepted the offer. The officer did not hesitate a second and began to breastfeed the child, which managed to calm down. The moment was captured in a photo and immediately went viral.

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