Utah teacher shot and killed her ex-husband's girlfriend in front of his children

A health and yoga teacher from Utah killed her ex-husband's girlfriend on Sunday night. The former couple's children were present during the attack. 

According to Fox 13, Chelsea Watrous Cook was charged with one count of aggravated murder. She is currently being held at the Salt Lake County Jail. 

Chelsea, 32, went to her ex-husband Travis Cook's home around 7:00 p.m on Sunday night. She was bringing cold medicine for one of her twin three-year-old children. 

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When Travis and his girlfriend Lisa Vilate Williams asked Chelsea to leave, she locked herself in the bathroom. She remained there unlawfully and the authorities were called. 

Chelsea later stepped out of the bathroom and moved to get her coat. Suddenly, she removed a handgun from her bag and shot at Williams, 26. 

Williams fell onto the couch while Travis wrestled the weapon away from Chelsea. He successfully retrieved it and rushed to assist Williams. Sadly, Williams died in the hospital afterward.

Chelsea sat on the chair where the children also were. Soon, however, Travis pinned her against the wall which was where Unified Police later found them. 

Chelsea's husband had filed for divorce in August 2017, court records showed. The legal separation was finalized in January 2018. 

In October 2016, court records showed that Chelsea was arrested on two counts of domestic violence in front of a child and one count of assault. 

According to Kimberly Bird, the Alpine School District's superintendent assistant, Cook taught health at Skyridge High School in Lehi. She was set to teach yoga in the upcoming term.

After four years of work for the district, they terminated her following the incident and her arrest. 

Bird said

"Honestly, this news is just shocking and disturbing, I can't explain it any other way. As an adult, it's hard for me to process, I can't imagine a 14-year-old freshman having to deal with that information."

Skyridge High School released a statement to parents: 

"This morning we learned about a situation involving one of our Skyridge teachers, Ms. Cook. She was arrested and charged with a serious crime. We know there will be information in the media regarding this incident. We want you to be aware of what we have learned, so we can help you process and provide support to any of you who may be in need."

It continued: 

"This type of news is hard to comprehend and we want you to know that teachers, counselors and your parents can help provide support in this difficult time."

The school also advised parents "not to engage with reporters who may want to talk with [parents] regarding this heartbreaking incident." 

Salt Lake City police took over the investigation after it was found that one of the persons involved is related to a Unified Police Department employee.

Source: Twitter/ CBS News

Source: Twitter/ CBS News

Source: Twitter/ CBS News

Source: Twitter/ CBS News

Travis reportedly told police that his three-year-old twins "were present during the entire ordeal."

A young boy in south-east China also faced a tragic incident when he was treated as if he had a disease by his own teacher. Not wanting to worry his parents, the boy said nothing throughout his ordeal. 

Xiaozhou, 13, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. At school, Xiaozhou experienced harsh discrimination when his teacher put him at a desk away from fellow students. 

The teacher also disallowed Xiaozhou from taking exams as he deemed the child might be contagious. The boy's father took his complaints to social media when he noticed his son was missing marks for three exams. 

The teacher was subsequently suspended while Xiaozhou received tons of support when his story went viral. His parents also transferred him to Liancheng Primary School in Quanzhou, Fujian to be closer to them. 

Another woman was horrifically killed by a carjacker in front of her three children back in June 2018. 

Porsha Owens, 28, was on her way to daycare when an 18-year-old pointed a gun at her and demanded she gave him her "keys, money, and purse." 

Despite Owens' compliance, Mark Haywood proceeded to shoot her. Owens' eight-year-old son comforted his mother as she lay dying. 

"I'm sorry. I think I'm about to die," Owens told him. She eventually bled to death on the street. 

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