Serena Williams & husband melt hearts with heartwarming photos of baby Olympia riding a swing

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian can’t stop gushing about their baby daughter, Alexis Olympia, on every social media platform. The proud parents recently melted hearts with a pair of pics of the toddler riding a swing, as Serena reveals some interesting facts about Olympia.

Olympia Ohanian is living her best life. There’s always some fun activity for her, whether is joining her famous mom on a professional photo shoot, being with her dad on the sidelines cheering for Williams in a match, playing with her doll and puppy or tending to her garden, the adorable girl is always sporting a sweet smile on her face.

And a pair of her most recent pics are not the exception. One, posted to her Instagram account by Williams or Ohanian, shows the 1-year-old riding a swing with a hilarious expression on her face. She donned an all-black outfit: a “We got the Power” Nike t-shirt, leggings, and sneakers.

The other, shared by Alexis Sr. and captioned “Thankful for these ladies,” features Olympia playing in the same swing but this time accompanied by her tennis champion mom. Matching with her daughter, Serena also donned a black Nike tank top, as she smiled down to her adorable toddler in the pic.

Fans found the mother-daughter snap adorable and gushed about in Ohanian’s comment section.

“I seriously love you guys, like I’m just now realizing how much I do, I idolize you guys. Such a strong and kind family” wrote one die-hard fan. And another added, “And we are thankful for your beautiful family and your love and support of them.”


On a recent interview with Essence, Serena revealed that Olympia is starting to show her strong personality and little perks.

“I hope she doesn’t kill me in a few years, but the second she has a potty in her diaper, she’s miserable,” Williams said, and continued:

“She’s very clean. She needs that handled straight away. She’s also really particular about her food. She’s only 10 months, but I can tell that she loves things to be clean. I know that sounds weird, but she loves things to be clean…already!”

The 23-times Grand Slam champion also revealed that one thing she loves about Olympia is the little squeals she makes every time she sees Serena in the morning.

“Everyday, I’d come home from one of my matches and Wimbledon, and she’d just squeal each time she’d see me. I’d try my best to rush home, and I’d miss her still. It’s like nothing I’ve ever heard before—the best thing I’ve ever heard.”

Serena has been open about her struggles balancing motherhood and her career, but as Olympia keeps growing, it seems like both of them are getting more used to the hectic schedule Williams has to follow to continue competing for her 24 grand slam title while being there for the girl.

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