Gregg Leakes shows gratitude for wife NeNe after she calls him 'mean' & 'grouchy' amid cancer battle

Gregg Leakes, the husband of NeNe Leakes, took to Instagram to thank his wife for supporting him in his stage III colon cancer battle after she shared some alarming messages regarding their relationship.

In late November, Gregg uploaded a screenshot of an emotional message encouraging people to love those who treat others right, to forgive, to think before act, and, in general, to do good.

However, NeNe took to the comment section to write, “well u need to do everything you posted! Practice what you preach.” Later, she wrote, “you need to pray for yourself! This mean, grouchy, evil stuff u pulling these days are NOT cool.”


Even though NeNe quickly deleted her comments, she took to Twitter to set clear that things with her husband were delicate. “I would just think if i have or had cancer, i would see life so differently! Not being mean, grouchy and evil for no real reason! But that’s me. Pray for me [sic].”

From that point on, it was clear for the couple’s followers that Gregg’s battle with cancer has deteriorated not only his health but his behavior and relationship with NeNe. However, the man took to Instagram to thank his wife for all she has done for him so far.


In the image, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star appeared wearing a white ensemble looking directly at the camera. For the caption, Gregg wrote that he never thought they would get in “this position.”

“This woman right here has put a mountain on her back and carried it with grace. She’s given so much of herself. You NeNe, steps up to the plate, bats and knock it out of the park every time. Something a lot of women can’t do or wouldn’t do,” added Gregg.

Thankfully, his sweet message pleased NeNe as she later reposted it and thanked him for his “kind words.”


NeNe announced her husband’s cancer battle in mid-June when she shared a picture of the 63-year-old man sitting in a chair seriously looking at the camera while a computer screen next to him had the word “Cancer” with a red line crossing through it.

For the caption, she wrote that their “new normal” and the fight began, followed by the hashtags “You Got This” and “I Love You.” From that point on, she has proven to be very supportive in Gregg’s battle.

The latest update in the man’s condition is that he was cancer-free, but some cancerous cells might still be in his bloodstream, so they were trying to decide the best option between chemo, holistic therapy, or both.

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