Six-month-old baby girl was born with a rare condition that left her with the 'eyes of a cat'

Lilien Molnar is a six-month-old baby from Hertfordshire, UK, diagnosed with microphthalmia and coloboma. Her eyes look like a cat’s.

As Daily Mail reported, the girl, who is blind, got the heartbreaking diagnosis when she was only five days old, what made her the youngest person in the UK with that condition.

The combination of microphthalmia and coloboma left Lilien with a narrow and discolored iris, driving people to compare them to that of feline animals. Cintia and David, the girls’ parents, set clear that Lilien never stops smiling no matter her condition.

In the GoFundMe page the baby’s parents created, they revealed that Lilien also suffers from hydronephrosis in both her kidneys, as well as duplex kidney on her left side. They pointed out that they must travel back and forth to London for doctor appointments, which was one of the reasons they created the crowdfunding campaign.

“She's developing, but it's still upsetting because she can't see anything. She can't do things that most babies do because she can't see. It can be really heartbreaking sometimes when we go out to see other children,” admitted Cintia.

The proud mother is sure that his daughter will have a life as normal as possible. To get so, she and David are willing to do everything they can to make sure Lilien “has the best quality of life.”

David revealed that his daughter could not play with normal toys. The only ones that work for her are those that emit lights or flashes. Even though she enjoys playing with them, Lilien cannot crawl yet.

Cintia also said that knowing that the girl may never see their faces was heart-wrenching. However, Lilien has “an amazing character; she’s strong and determined.” So far, they’ve got almost $5,000 through the GoFundMe campaign. While their initial goal is $6,400, they are very likely to ask for more money to continue the baby’s treatment.

Unfortunately, Lilien is not the only girl from the UK with an eye problem. Myah Hauxwell, from Nottingham, was also born with microphthalmia, which left her blind in one eye. In their efforts to give her a normal life, doctors created a prosthetic eye for her out of her own stomach fat.

The surgery was a complete success. However, Myah will have to undergo a similar operation at least every two years as she keeps growing. Even though she cannot see through the prosthetic eye, it will certainly help her have a more normal life.

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