Ludacris’ daughter with ex Christine White is all grown up & looks a lot like her dad

Karma Bridges, the first daughter of Ludacris, is 17 years old at the moment and looks just like her famous father.

The girl was born in August 2001 from a relationship that the singer and rapper had with an attorney from Atlanta named Christine White. Karma has proved that she is very photogenic in the images that she has shared on Instagram.

In one of the most recent posts, the young lady posed in a black ensemble covered with a denim jacket. In that photoshoot, the resemblance between her and Ludacris was uncanny.

Before that slideshow, Karma shared another one posing in the streets of Athens, Greece wearing a yellow top, colorful shorts, and pink aviator sunglasses.

Another evident aspect of her Instagram feed is the love she has for her father. On Father’s Day, Karma uploaded a photo taken many years ago wherein Ludacris appeared holding his baby daughter.

Karma loves her mother just as much as her father, apparently, as the 17-year-old girl has also uploaded photos of Christine wishing her a happy Mother’s Day.

Probably because of her father’s fame, the girl has had the opportunity to meet several celebrities, and her Instagram page is filled with photos of them.

She has posed next to Kris Jenner, Guy Fieri, Justin Bieber, and Stephen Curry. As W Magazine revealed, the music runs through her veins, too, as she opened for Diggy Simmons when she was only 10 years old.

When she turned 16, Ludacris threw a massive party that will keep in her and her friends’ minds forever. One of the best presents she got was a Range Rover.

Even though such a bash and gift would make people think that she is spoiled, the truth is different. Ludacris has even pointed out how proud he felt at knowing that Karma was “setting such a great example” for her two younger sisters.

The other two daughters of the rapper are Cai Bella, born from his relationship with Tamika Fuller, and Cadence Gaelle, from his relationship with his actual wife, Eudoxie Mbouguiengue.

Karma is not the only member of the family who has attracted a lot of attention online. On Ludacris’ birthday, Cadence sang “Happy Birthday” to her father in French. In the adorable clip, the girl appeared wearing pajamas while sitting in her bed with a big stuff animal behind her.

She started singing “Happy Birthday daddy” in English and finished saying that she missed and loved him. Even though she looked happy, she wasn’t that thrilled. However, the second short video that showed her singing the same song in French set clear how excited she was.

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