Biker helped elderly woman across the road after none of the cars stopped for her

Pedro Marrero
Dec 06, 2018
05:40 A.M.

A simple act of kindness has touched thousands of people in social media, so now is the best time for everyone to take it as an example to follow.


A group of motorcyclists stopped in the middle of an intersection to help a grandmother who could not cross the street because the cars kept speeding in front of her.

The poor old woman waited in vain on the sidewalk for the car traffic to diminish so that she could finally cross to the other side when the motorized group appeared to rescue her. The entire sequence was recorded on video and went viral.

In the images shows one of the motorcyclists behind two cars that at no time tried to stop and let the lady cross. Follow us on Twitter for more @amomama_usa.


So the man stops, gets out of his vehicle and offers the woman his arm to help her cross the road. The grandmother accepts and takes the arm of her rescuer confidently.

Source: Youtube/ViralHog

Source: Youtube/ViralHog

Once she is safe on the other side of the street, the motorcyclist returns to the original side of the road, meets with his group and gets back on his motorcycle.

Source: Youtube/ViralHog

Source: Youtube/ViralHog


What happened was filmed by Angela McAdam Blakely of North Ayrshire, who then posted it on Facebook.

Source: Youtube/ViralHog

Source: Youtube/ViralHog

She included the comment: "I recently witnessed an act of kindness outside my window. They say that the motorcyclists are abrupt and ready, but they stopped to help an elderly lady cross the street."

Bikers are usually seen as bad roles models, but they can also be the guardians of the city. Like this female motorcyclist who was not going to let a case of littering slide when she pulled up to a stop sign on a street.

Just as the bike pulled up close to the vehicle, the driver leaned over and picked up the container. She then threw it into the car and drove off. Someone behind a white car recorded the instance in a video that has now made it way across several social media platforms.

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