ABC anchors spark criticism after joking about Trump planning his own funeral

Two ABC anchors have come under fire after they joked about the current United States president, Donald Trump, planning his own funeral. See the video below.

ABC chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran and a second panelist, Devin Dwyer, were covering the livestream of George H.W. Bush funeral on Wednesday when the conversation turned bizarre.

Moran and Dwyer began to imagine how President Trump would want his funeral service and how different it would be from Bush’s.

"It's in bad taste to joke about any of our current leader's future passing."

“Probably a different tone in that funeral… first, he’s going to choreograph it, so there might be more trumpets and fanfare,” Moran began.

Dwyer chimed in:

“Yes, he would do it bigger, one would imagine.”

Moran then took the joke up a notch as he tried to parrot Trump as saying his funeral will be “the best presidential funeral ever.” He added in that same tone:

“No one will ever have seen anything like that funeral.”

The cruel remarks quickly went viral and were condemned widely.

Vice President for the Media Research Center, Dan Gainor described the actions of Moran and Dwyer as “despicable garbage.”

“I would say ABC News should apologize, but it wouldn’t be sincere if it did,” Gainor continued. “This is about the billionth example of unprofessional journalism in their attacks on Trump. It’s only more outrageous because of the solemn occasion.”

Political comedian Tim Young echoed Gainor’s words and added that the situation depicts the liberal bias prevalent in the media.

If the anchors had joked about Obama’s funeral, Young said:

“There would have been full blocks of TV dedicated to ‘how disgusting they were’ on CNN and forced apologies from their own network.”

“It's in bad taste to joke about any of our current leader's future passing, but what this highlights again is the media outrage double standard where you can say basically anything you want about a Republican and get away with it,” he added.

The late George H.W. Bush passed away on November 30 at his Houston home. He was aged 94. Trump was one of five living United States presidents who attended the senior Bush’s funeral service at the Washington National Cathedral.

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