December 21, 2018

Neo-Nazis want to kill Prince Harry, calling him a ‘race traitor’ for marrying Meghan Markle

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Police are investigating a British neo-Nazi group who made visual threats towards Prince Harry. So far, two men have been identified. 

According to BBC, Andrew Dymock was found to be the creator of the British offshoot group of the American "Atomwaffen Division." "Atomwaffen" is the German word for "atomic weapon."

The violent group calls for terrorism and incites hatred against non-Whites. The members are fighting for a national socialist state of dystopia through guerilla warfare. 

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Dymock, 21 from Bath, denied the claims that he is involved in the new group named Sonnenkrieg Division. BBC believes he goes by the pseudonym "Blitzy" online. 

The group's site posted an image of Prince Harry with the words: "See ya later, race traitor!" They are referring of course to Harry's marriage to Meghan Markle, who is of mixed race. 


Police are unsure of who exactly is behind the threatening picture. However, a 17-year-old is the suspected designer of the group's other extremist material. 

Oska Koczorowski, from west London, is said to have a different name on the site. The network claims to have evidence that both he and Dymock were in the group's chatrooms. 

The hate group comprises of 10 to 15 members within the UK. In the United States, the number is around 80 according to the Anti-Defamation League. 


The group has killed at least five persons so far. Blaze Bernstein was a California college student whom group member Samuel Woodward stabbed earlier this year. 

Woodward inflicted 20 stab wounds into the student for being Jewish and gay. His mother, Jeanne Pepper Bernstein, said that the "group is a disease and the only way to eradicate it is to figure out where it is and root it out."


Charles Manson and Adolf Hitler are two of the group's idols from which they take many of their values. Dymock as "Blitzy" stated that he wanted to go to America to "kill all police officers." 

Meanwhile, Prince Harry is going about his usual state of affairs. Last night, the royal looked to be having fun in London. He attended a performance of "Bat Out of Hell" by Meatloaf. 

Markle, 37, was missing from the picture. But Harry charmed attendees when he mentioned how much he wanted to "rev" the motorbike prop. 


He thanked the audience for coming out to the event which goes towards the Invictus Games, an annual event held by the Duke of Sussex. 

The Duchess of Sussex was, however, spotted a day prior hand in hand with her husband. The two were exiting the St. Luke's Church on King's Rod in Chelsea. 


They had just attended a memorial fund for Harry's late friend Henry van Straubenzee. The latter died in a car accident in 2002 at just 18. 

Markle's baby bump appeared just a tad bigger. She awaits her new baby set to be born in Spring 2019. We hope that police are able to determine who is responsible for the threats to Harry and bring them and the other group members to justice.

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